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Omaha dance card 3/4 full
2008-06-08 22:49
by Bob Timmermann

Six of the eight slots in the College World Series are set:

  • Stanford (which went in Saturday after sweeping Cal State Fullerton)
  • #1 Miami (which beat Arizona 4-2 to win its super regional in three games)
  • #8 Georgia (which beat NC State 17-8 in the third game)
  • #4 Florida State (which finished off Wichita State 11-4 in an elimination game)
  • #2 North Carolina (an 11-4 winner over Coastal Carolina to complete a two game sweep)
  • #6 Rice (a 6-5 win over Texas A&M completed its sweep)

The final two spots will be decided tomorrow afternoon in a pair of games that will start at 4 pm PT.

#7 LSU plays UC Irvine. The Anteaters led 7-4 in the ninth with a chance to win the super regional, but the Tigers scored five times to force one more game at Alex Box Stadium, which is being replaced next year.

#3 Arizona State lost its first game of the postseason, losing 8-6 to Fresno State. The Sun Devils and Bulldogs will play at Packard Stadium for a trip to Omaha. The Sun Devils are 39-4 at home this year. Fresno State had to use its closer, Brandon Burke, for 3 2/3 innings to close out the game.

Both games will be on ESPN2 and what you will see will depend upon the vagaries of your cable or satellite operator.

Presently, the CWS has three teams from the ACC, and one each from the Pac-10, SEC, and C-USA.

The College World Series will start on June 14 at Rosenblatt Stadium in Omaha.


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