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2005-05-12 05:36
by Alex Belth

Here are a few shots of the starting pitchers from last Sunday's Yankee-Oakland game in the Bronx. (Click on photo's for a larger image.)

First, Kevin Brown:

Next, the picture-perfect, Rich Harden:

I Wanna Be in Pictures
2005-05-03 05:25
by Alex Belth

There is a new documentary about Barry Bonds' 73rd home run ball, called "Up for Grabs," which was made by Michael Wranovics. John Perricone saw the film at a recent press screening and reviews over at Only Baseball Matters. Watching this movie, Perricone, who has written extensively about drugs in baseball, was reminded of what it felt like to see Bonds' great 2001 season up close:

When you see Up for Grabs, you'll remember. You'll remember what these players gave us. You'll remember how it felt to be there when they did it. I was there for about ten Bonds home runs in 2001, (including, I think, number 57). I remember. I was there for Bonds' 660th. These were magical, incredible, amazing moments in sports history. Watching Bonds hit #73 literally brought tears to my eyes, made me shiver. I watched McGwire hit his 62nd home run, watched him hug everybody in sight. Watched him skip around the bases like a little boy, high-fiving the Cubs players as he rounded the bases, and the Cardinal fans go absolutely berserk. Magical. I'll never forget it. McGwire doesn't owe me an apology...I owe him. I owe Bonds.

...Filmmakers like Wranovics help remind us how magical these players were, how magical they are; how magical the game of baseball can be, even when real life intrudes. Up for Grabs isn't about steroids, or cheating, or sportswriters, or any of that. It's not even about baseball. It's about America, American life, American complexities. As such, it's a brilliant snapshot of an amazing time, and SF Giants fans, baseball fans, and sports fans of all stripes will want to see this film.

Looks interesting. Anyone else heard anything about it?

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