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PLEASE give me a job
2008-06-11 15:21
by Bob Timmermann

Buster Olney of has a copy of the letter that Jay Gibbons, who was prominently featured in the Mitchell Report, is sending to teams asking for a job.

Writing this letter is both painful and humiliating. It has been almost six weeks since my release from the Orioles and I am still unable to land any opportunity at a second chance to play the game that I love.

I am young, healthy and determined. I have acknowledged and apologized for the mistake that I made and writing this letter should be proof enough that I have indeed suffered for my mistake.

I have faith and hope that some team will give me the chance to prove that I can not only be a productive player but also be a stellar member of their organization. My faith in a second chance has inspired me to work harder than I have at any time in my life. My faith has gotten me through this most difficult period in my life.

All I need is a chance -- any chance -- anywhere. I am more than willing to begin the process of proving that I can and will be a productive major league player by playing in the minor leagues.

As you know, I have played seven seasons in the big leagues and have hit 20-plus homeruns in three seasons and have hit .277 in three seasons (2003, 2005 and 2006). At 31 years old, I have NO DOUBT that my best baseball is ahead of me.

I know that my agents at ACES have tried to land me an opportunity in the minor leagues but have been met with negative responses by each and every Organization. I am not blind to the fact that I have made a mistake and that mistake has raised doubt about my character and ability. It is important that you know that my indiscretions, while regretful, were made in an effort to heal a nagging wrist injury. I would encourage you to speak with anyone in this game, including players, coaches, front office etc. who know me. I am confident that everyone you speak with will vouch for my character.

I respectfully and humbly request that you grant me the chance to play for your organization.

I am so willing to prove myself as a player, and a person, that I will donate ALL of my minor league earnings to your Club's charity. In the event that I earn the right to play at the major league level, I will gladly donate a significant sum to that same charity. Once again, all I need is a chance and I will prove that I can be an extremely productive player and a great addition to your organization.

Please feel free to contact me directly [phone numbers redacted]. Thank you for your time and consideration.

Sincerely, Jay Gibbons



2008-06-11 15:42:55
1.   kylepetterson
Mr. Gibbons,
Reading that letter is both painful and humiliating. 6 weeks since you got fired from you last job and you still haven't found a new one, huh? Sucks, doesn't it? The problem I see with your letter is your overt feeling that you deserve a second chance. Why is this? Is this because you are a "good guy"? There are a lot of good guys out there filling up the minors who haven't been linked to steroids who are still waiting for their first chance.

This feeling that the rich seem to have that they deserve a second chance is not one that is generally held by the laypeople of this country. That being said, I do know my local Baskin Robbins is hiring and they very much believe in second chances. But then again, they believe in leaving a store in the control of 3 15 year old girls.

Anyways, I respectfully and humbly request that I never have to read this letter again.

Please feel free to contact me directly [phone numbers pterodacted]. Thank you for your time and consideration.

Sincerely, Kyle Petterson

2008-06-11 18:50:38
2.   williamnyy23
1 That's a little harsh. Gibbons, like many others, made a mistake. While I agree that he doesn't deserve sympathy, I don't think derision is appropriate either. Everyone's problems are defined by the context of their own life's situation. While losing a multi-million dollar job as a baseball player might not seem dire to you and me, I am sure it has created a great feeling of desperation for Gibbons and his family.
2008-06-11 20:53:50
3.   scareduck
On the contrary to the snarking sarcasm evident in 1 , I have a great deal of sympathy for the man.
2008-06-11 21:43:45
4.   68elcamino427

The man has a bad wrist and you suggest that he go and be an ice cream scooper. Have you no heart?

2008-06-12 08:03:36
5.   Benjamin Kabak
"At 31 years old, I have NO DOUBT that my best baseball is ahead of me."

I also do not believe that Gibbons has his best baseball ahead of him at age 31. Not too many un-chemically enhanced folks can say their best baseball seasons are going to happen after age 31.

2008-06-12 08:05:24
6.   Benjamin Kabak
2 "...great feeling of desperation for Gibbons and his family..."

Isn't that perhaps being a bit too melodramatic? The man has, by all accounts, grossed $15 million in his career. If he had any money smarts about him, that's more than enough to live on for decades. They can't be feeling too desperate there.

2008-06-12 16:20:12
7.   arborial
1 Wow Kyle your number got "pterodacted"! Does that mean a dinosaur swooped down and devoured your phone number or does it mean that your phone number is now extinct likening it to a pterodactyl?

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