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Delay of game, five yards and an undisclosed fine!
2008-06-17 20:58
by Bob Timmermann

Twins manager Ron Gardenhire and Houston manager Cecil Cooper were the first managers to run afoul of MLB's plan to speed up games. From

Twins manager Ron Gardenhire was fined an undisclosed amount of money after his team did not comply with Major League Baseball's pace of game regulations this past weekend, the league said in a release on Tuesday.

The fine comes after Gardenhire voiced his displeasure following Sunday's 4-2 loss in Milwaukee about a play involving shortstop Brendan Harris.

Harris had tried to call time during an at-bat in the eighth inning of the game. But while Harris was stepping back into the batter's box and looking down at the ground thinking he had been granted the timeout, Guillermo Mota threw an 85-mph slider into catcher Jason Kendall's glove for what home-plate umpire Brian Runge ruled a called third strike.

Gardenhire was upset that the pitch was allowed to be thrown with his player standing near the plate and his head down. But during Gardenhire's on-field protest, the skipper was told by Runge that he was just trying to do what he was told by the league -- and that's keep the game going.

No word yet on what Cooper's trangression was.
2008-06-17 21:05:01
1.   Raf
How bout MLB stop delaying games by squeezing in so many damn commercials between innings?
2008-06-17 22:18:13
2.   Greg Brock
This isn't blernsball. What's the rush?
2008-06-17 22:52:19
3.   alex 7
how often do hitters call for time during an at bat over the course of a game? Three? Four? Doesn't seem like a good place to tamper with. Dangerous as demonstrated above. For all we know the hitter may have a bug come into his eye :)

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