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Euro 2008 chat thread
2008-06-18 11:00
by Bob Timmermann

The final two days of pool play in Group D get underway today at 11:45 am PT with matches in Innsbruck and Salzburg. Hey, I went to both of those places this January.

OK, they are not my greatest pictures, but that's what I had available.

One match doesn't matter, and that's Spain vs. Greece in Innsbruck. The Spaniards have already wrapped up the group and they will play Italy in the next round on Sunday. The defending champion Greeks are already out of it.

The other match is for the last spot in the quarterfinals and that will be between Sweden and Russia in Salzburg. Both teams have a win and a draw, but the Swedes have an advantage in goal difference at +1 to -2 for Russia. So the Swedes just need a draw to advance. The Russians have to win. And the "lucky" winner gets to play the Netherlands in the next round.

Somewhere in Alameda, California, there will be a nervous man.

2008-06-18 11:10:52
1.   underdog
Which game is on ESPN today? Sweden-Russia I assume.

I always like Sweden, but being 1/4 Russian (that's the last quarter I hadn't mentioned yet!) I suppose I should root for Russia. But I just...can't. I want to punish Putin and this is as close as I can get. Go Swedes!

2008-06-18 11:16:15
2.   Bob Timmermann
2008-06-18 11:24:11
3.   Bob Timmermann
Game that matters is on ESPN. Game that doesn't is on ESPN2.
2008-06-18 12:17:04
4.   Ken Arneson
Russia is outyouthing Sweden right now.
2008-06-18 12:19:28
5.   underdog
I like how soccer announcers say "If everything stays as it is, Russia will play Spain in the next round..." I know soccer is low-scoring and all, but 20+ mins into the game seems a little early to be looking ahead.

Russia's defense is suspect, as the Scot analyst pointed out, Sweden can come back.

2008-06-18 12:19:54
6.   underdog
That's weird. The crowd noise disappeared.
2008-06-18 12:21:03
7.   Bob Timmermann
Satellite outage. ESPN isn't sending its announcers on site until the semis.
2008-06-18 12:22:12
8.   underdog
On the other hand, Sweden's defense seems suspect at the moment as well.
2008-06-18 12:23:12
9.   underdog
7 I figured. It's just funny to have them officially "outed" as not live, due to a glitch. FSC does that as well.
2008-06-18 12:24:01
10.   Bob Timmermann
You mean you didn't wonder why you never saw a shot at the beginning of the match with the announcers standing in front of the crowd?
2008-06-18 12:29:44
11.   underdog
10 I just thought they were being tasteful European announcers!

No, I knew they weren't there, just for anyone who didn't know that fact, the sound would also be a giveaway. That and the fact that the Scottish announcer went to take a shower for a few minutes.

Greece is leading Spain!

2008-06-18 12:35:33
12.   Bob Timmermann
Off to lunch. And the place that will have the second half available on TV.
2008-06-18 12:54:12
13.   underdog
Wow. That was a fantastic run. They really did dissect the Swedes there. I guess youth is winning out here.
2008-06-18 12:56:07
14.   Bob Timmermann
The Russians at the pizza place left after the second goal. Confident of victory no doubt.
2008-06-18 13:02:34
15.   Philip Michaels
"Somewhere in Alameda, California, there will be a nervous man."

But I don't care about the Swedish team, Bob.

Oh. You meant the other guy.

2008-06-18 13:08:18
16.   Bob Timmermann
But should I buy a Time Capsule for my Mac?
2008-06-18 13:12:48
17.   underdog
Unless the Swedes have a little bit of the Turk in them, I don't see a comeback here.

16 Time Machine? I've yet to have reason for using one so far, myself.

2008-06-18 13:33:06
18.   Bob Timmermann
I don't see Russia having enough to keep up with the Dutch.

But the Checkerboards will prevail ultimately!

2008-06-18 13:38:42
19.   underdog
No, their defense is going to have nightmares trying to keep up with the Dutch. I predict a 4-1 final. Maybe 4-2 if they can sneak another goal in.

Is there any other country that has that number of names for it and its people? The Dutch. The Netherlands. Nederlands. Holland*. Am I missing anything?

*As Wikipedia notes, "This is formally incorrect as North and South Holland in the western Netherlands are only two of the country's twelve provinces." But they still sometimes refer to themselves that way.

2008-06-18 13:52:43
20.   bobsbrother
I think the biggest tipoff they weren't there was when Tommy Smyth would do color on a game, then be in the studio five minutes later for analysis.
2008-06-18 14:08:16
21.   underdog
Final four predictions: Germany, Croatia, Dutch, Spain.
2008-06-18 14:10:53
22.   Bob Timmermann
Dutch is not a country. It's the Netherlands.

Or if you prefer the Spanish, "los Paises Bajos."

Not much faith in Portugal, eh?

2008-06-18 16:23:24
23.   Zak
21 The only one we agree on is the Netherlands. Couple of those games should be spectacular.

I wouldn't mind seeing Jens Lehmann pull out the penalty kicks cheat sheet one more time from his socks.

2008-06-18 23:25:16
24.   underdog
22 Faith, yes - should be a great game. But someone's got to win. The Netherlanders (tee hee) are the only game I feel confident predicting. Spain looks very good to me; their second string took care of Greece today. I'm excited about all these matchups though.

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