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Sign it like Beckham, the younger one
2008-06-19 13:54
by Bob Timmermann

#1 draft pick Tim Beckham signed a contract today with the Tampa Bay Rays that included a signing bonus of $6.15 million.

There was another Beckham drafted in the first round, named Gordon, and he was picked 8th overall by the White Sox. He has not signed yet as he is still playing in the College World Series for Georgia.

2008-06-19 17:08:39
1.   Ken Arneson
Let's say David retires in two years or so, and Tim and Gordon each play major league baseball for another fifteen years beyond that. When Tim and Gordon retire, will the headlines still include "Bend it like Beckham" puns?
2008-06-19 19:43:27
2.   Johnny Nucleo
Absolutely. All the kids who saw that movie will be prime ESPN-watching beer-drinkin' couch potatoes in their 30's.
Think of all the crappy 80's references that still permeate our culture. More than 20 years later in most cases, I, as a beer-drinkin' ... er no TV...uh, anyway, in my 30's, I get all their lame jokes.

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