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Nippert puts in lonnnng relief
2008-07-07 20:30
by Bob Timmermann

It must be really long because I spelled long with four Ns!

Dustin Nippert of the Texas Rangers pitched seven innings in relief of starter Luis Mendoza in Arlington tonight against the Los Angeles Angels. The Angels won the game 9-6. Nippert threw 103 pitches in the game.

Nippert's seven innings of relief was the longest relief stint since Ryan Madson of the Phillies put in seven innings last year on May 23 against the Mets, but that was in a 16-inning game.

The last pitcher to throw seven innings of relief in a nine-inning game was Rob Bell of Tampa Bay against Arizona on June 19, 2004.

Scott Sanderson was the last pitcher to pitch eight innings of relief (several have done 7 1/3 or 7 2/3) that was back on August 6, 1989.

Neil Allen was the last pitcher to go nine innings of relief back on May 31, 1988 for the Yankees in Oakland. Allen relieved starter Al Leiter who was injured on a ball hit lined back to the mound by leadoff hitter Carney Lansford. Allen shut out the A's the rest of the game, and, under scoring rules, was given credit for a shutout and a complete game, but not a game started.

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