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2008-07-11 10:19
by Bob Timmermann

Chris Hine of the Los Angeles Times has an article about the freaks like me who keep score at baseball games.


And the attentiveness requirement isn't the only impediment. There's always the danger of ridicule.

"People laugh at me, and they look at me really strange and they say, 'Why do you keep score? What are you going to do with that?' " said South Pasadena resident Kelly Wallace, who keeps score at approximately 30 Dodgers games a season.

I don't think I've ever been ridiculed for keeping score. At least to my face. And I was able to keep score and carry on a conversation with two people during the game. I can produce witnesses who can testify to that.


Now, keeping score at a Japanese baseball game will get you a very strange look. But then again, I'm also the gaijin who is a couple cms short of being two meters tall, so I've got that working against me. There was one kid who asked me if I was a scout. Someone should go into the Dodger Thoughts comments and find my projections of Akinori Iwamura and Kosuke Fukudome.

2008-07-11 10:40:46
1.   Josh Wilker
I always enjoy keeping score, though I don't always do it. The one time I sat in the bleachers at Wrigley a guy was keeping score in front of me as he hit the beer pretty hard. Halfway through the game he staggered to his feet and while leaving his seat shoved the scorecard in my hands, muttering "You know how to do this, right?" I kept track of the game until he reappeared with four more beers, noticing at one point that he had scrawled a phone number for alcohol rehab at the bottom of the card.
2008-07-11 10:41:06
2.   DXMachina
Yeah, I've never gotten any grief, either. If someone does say anything to me about it, it's usually to ask what someone did last time up. Except for that one woman in Pawtucket who asked if I was a scout.
2008-07-11 11:55:28
3.   kirk gibson
Bob, if you have a web cam I'll be more than happy to ridicule you to your face.
2008-07-11 13:10:34
4.   sporky
Fosuke Fukudome?
2008-07-11 13:57:45
5.   Bob Timmermann
See, I was right about Fosuke wasn't I?
2008-07-11 14:09:37
6.   Eric Stephen
I don't keep score that much but I do enjoy doing it. I much rather prefer my own Big 5 scorebook (room for multiple substitutions per batter!) to the stadium-issued scorecard.
2008-07-11 14:11:25
7.   Eric Stephen
Lately I've been making notations like a small dot in the upper right corner when a plate appearance is with RISP. I think years of Tony Jackson complaining about said stat has made me more aware of it when I'm keeping score.

I like to be able to quickly find out that Dodgers are 2 for 14 with RISP during the game.

2008-07-11 14:50:33
8.   Woden325
I print up scorecards and keep score nearly every time I go see the Sky Sox. AAA ball tends to have more interesting (or awkward) plays than in the majors. For instance, the last game I scored had a player reach first safely on a dropped third strike, he eventually scored.
I usually see 10-20 people keeping score for at least part of the game when I go the the Sox. At Coors, it's rare to see any body keeping score.
And no, I've never been ridiculed for scoring, either.

For what it's worth, I use the gray metapost scorecard from this site:

2008-07-11 14:53:38
9.   Woden325
Also, once I go home, I usually go back and fix (in ink) the plays that I scored "WW."

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