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Time to get out the old crystal set
2008-07-30 06:55
by Bob Timmermann

There are two games on the schedule today, that are not going to be televised by either participating team.

At 9:37 am PT, the first place Tampa Bay Rays take on the Toronto Blue Jays at Rogers Centre.

At 12:35 pm PT, Kansas City will play at Oakland.

MLB.TV claims that they will show some sort of broadcast, but I rather be prepared for the likes of Andy Freed, Jerry Howarth, Ken Korach, and Bob Davis to take me on a wonderful journey through my own imagination.

2008-07-30 08:10:08
1.   Shaun P
This happens? I am amazed that not every game is on TV.
2008-07-30 09:40:03
2.   RIYank

"With a report of Pittsburgh that the Pirates are "deep into trade talks" with the Rays and unnamed other teams about OF Jason Bay, Rays manager Joe Maddon sounded optimistic this morning and said there now was a "solid 50-50" chance the Rays would be active before Thursday's 4 p.m. deadline for nonwaiver deals."

Whoa. With Bay, the Rays are fo' real.

2008-07-30 12:16:33
3.   Linkmeister
And apparently Prime Ticket doesn't have the Dodgers game either.
2008-07-30 15:05:43
4.   Philip Michaels
1 As an Oakland fan, I'm amazed when A's games are on TV.

One of these days, the entire A's broadcasting strategy will involve Ken Korach reading off Western Union dispatches into a tin can and string.

2008-07-30 15:17:25
5.   Bob Timmermann
So Oakland fans have missed most of Brad Ziegler's historic streak. It's now at 30 straight scoreless innings!

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