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He's so tough that he only goes on the DL nearly every year
2008-08-02 11:11
by Bob Timmermann

The Phillies have placed reliever Rudy Seanez on the 15-day DL with shoulder inflammation, which he suffered while trying to tag Washington's Lasting Milledge Thursday. Seanez missed the tag and fell to the ground and hit the ground with his shoulder.

“He had the wind knocked out of him,” Philadelphia manager Charlie Manuel said. “Rudy’s one of those stubborn guys. He won’t tell you when he’s hurt.”

From checking newspaper databases and looking at his record in, I believe that Seanez has been on the disabled list every year in his career except last year. Apparently, Seanez is telling somebody that he's been hurt.

In his 17 years in the majors, Seanez has pitched for Cleveland, San Diego, the Dodgers, Atlanta, San Diego (again), Atlanta (again), Texas, Boston, Florida, Kansas City, San Diego (again), Boston (again), San Diego (never say never again), the Dodgers (once more!), and now with Philadelphia.



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