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70 and more
2008-08-10 05:04
by Bob Timmermann
The Tampa Bay Rays beat the Seattle Mariners, 8-7 in 11 innings in Seattle Saturday night.

This was win #70 for the Rays, tying a franchise high. It's safe to assume that Tampa Bay will reach a new high this season. The Rays have been the most interesting story in MLB this year in my book. And perhaps even the Dark Lords of Bristol will acknowledge it one day.

2008-08-10 06:22:28
1.   JL25and3
It's not just them, either. In yesterday's Fox broadcast, McCarver was raving about the biggest surprise story in baseball this year: the Cardinals. After a minute or so he added, yeah, there are the Rays, too - but noooobody expected the Cardinals to be any good, what a story it is!
2008-08-10 06:27:15
2.   Bob Timmermann
You mean the third-place Cardinals? The team that won the World Series two years ago?

Who will end the suffering of Cardinal fans?

2008-08-10 08:36:06
3.   bobsbrother
Tim McCarver is so knowledgable he wasn't surprised by the Rays.
2008-08-10 08:36:29
4.   Bob Hendley
Yeah, just you try having to play in front of the smartest fans in baseball.
2008-08-10 08:39:24
5.   immouch
I don't claim deep knowledge of Rays-dom. But... jeesh, they've been drafting first for, like, 30 years. And fleecing every Dodgers GM for about as long (giving the team, in essence, supplemental picks on top of their supplemental picks)... So, frankly, I'm not that surprised about the Rays. I drafted several for my fantasy team... I'm also not surprised that Tim M. would go batcrap over the Cards. He's not in charge of his faculties.
2008-08-10 10:57:49
6.   fordprefect

Who will end the suffering of people that have to listen to McCarver?

2008-08-10 11:08:02
7.   dianagramr

Could those same people end the suffering of those having to listen to Joe Morgan?

2008-08-10 11:49:28
8.   Andrew Shimmin
Last year, I bet money on the D'backs, before the season started. I lost. This year, I bet money on the Rays.

So, they're going to lose, it's just a question of when.

2008-08-10 12:37:27
9.   dianagramr
Rays lose Crawford, possibly for season, but activate Baldelli

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