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142 and 1
2008-08-13 13:46
by Bob Timmermann

Atlanta manager Bobby Cox was ejected from a game for the 142nd time in his career this afternoon in Georgia when Joe West ran him in the fifth inning of the first game of today's doubleheader between the Braves and Cubs.

Cox was arguing with West about when the lights should be turned on at Turner Field.

In the ninth innings, 27-year old rookie Francisely Bueno was ejected in his first major league appearance after throwing a pitch at Alfonso Soriano's head.

Just 141 more to go for Mr. Bueno.

2008-08-13 14:10:56
1.   Johnny Nucleo
My favorite record in all of professional sports.

Go Bobby Go!

2008-08-13 16:50:02
2.   bobsbrother
Bueno has a sister named Kay.
2008-08-13 17:50:35
3.   3rd gen yankee fan
And a brother named Taco.
2008-08-13 18:29:43
4.   Bob Hendley
I miss Weaver.
2008-08-13 19:20:55
5.   Johan
Ejected arguing about the lights? They turn them on so early in most parks I don't see what advantage Cox was trying to gain or disadvantage he was trying to get away from. I guess he really didn't feel like managing this Braves team twice in a day.
2008-08-13 19:22:00
6.   Johnny Nucleo
When he finally retires, someone should make a special DVD of all of Bobby Cox's ejections. I'd buy it.
2008-08-13 19:23:07
7.   JHWaugh
Well, certainly you've made your opinions known on the fans questions about baseball, Earl, but lets get to something else. Alice Sweet from Norfolk wants to know the best time to (laughing) put in a tomato plant.
2008-08-13 21:13:21
8.   Bob Hendley
7 - Love it.
2008-08-14 07:50:58
9.   Bob Timmermann
The lights have to be turned on at the beginning of an inning so both teams bat with them on.

Presumably it was only a little shadowy at the time. The argument happened during a day game.

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