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Olympic Baseball Day 2
2008-08-14 07:32
by Bob Timmermann

Four games were played, but only three of them had a decision.

Rain hampered play for the early games. The USA beat the Netherlands 7-0 in a game called by rain in the ninth although the Dutch had the bases loaded against Blaine Neal.

Stephen Strasburg allowed just one hit and struck out 11 in 7 innings of work. The USA is 1-1 and the Dutch are 0-2.

A Dutch protest of the umpires decision to call the game was denied.

China and Korea got six innings with no runs scoring and that game was suspended. It will be concluded on Sunday, which was a scheduled off day.

Canada gave Cuba a go, but still fell short by a 7-6 margin. The Cubans got a pair of 2-run homers in the sixth from Alfredo Despaigne and Alexander Malleta. Cuba is 2-0 and Canada is 1-1.

Japan and Taiwan are both 1-1 after a 6-1 win by Japan. The Japanese scored four times in the top of the ninth to break open a close game.

So after two days, Cuba is the only 2-0 team; Korea is 1-0; USA, Japan, Cuba, and Canada are 1-1; China is 0-1.

2008-08-14 13:54:45
1.   Linkmeister
CCR on the Griddle!
2008-08-14 15:33:38
2.   Bob Hendley
Careful, I think there have been a couple of legal go-arounds regarding John and the use of the name CCR.

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