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USA baseball goes out with a bronze
2008-08-22 22:41
by Bob Timmermann

The US Olympic baseball team won the bronze medal Saturday morning (Friday night where I am) with an 8-4 win over Japan.

Japan took a 1-0 lead in the first on a solo homer by Masahiro Araki against Brett Anderson, but Matt LaPorta tied up the game with a solo homer in the bottom of the second.

Norichika Aoki hit a 3-run homer in the top of the third to give Japan a 4-1 lead, but the USA tied it up with a 3-run homer of its own from Matt Brown. G.G. Sato misplayed a fly ball to left field to set up the American rally.

The USA scored the winning runs in the fifth against Kenshin Kawakami. Brown doubled and Nate Schierholtz walked. One out later, Taylor Teagarden doubled in two runs and Jason Donald hit a 2-run homer off the foul pole in left field to give the USA an 8-4 lead.

Anderson and Kevin Jepsen combined for the win. The USA had won a bronze medal before in baseball, back in the 1996 games in Atlanta.

The gold medal match will start at 3 am PT and is supposed to be on TV. Korea will go for its first ever baseball gold medal against defending champion Cuba. Korea has not lost a game in the tournament.

2008-08-23 02:24:26
1.   Louis in SF
Thought I was the only person watching-the 9th inning pitching by Jepsen was pretty ugly. Do we think that Terry Tiffe's performance gets him a call-up when he comes back to the States?
2008-08-23 06:09:49
2.   Raf
Dunno if anyone's watching Korea-Cuba, but it's shaping up to be a decent game.

Bot 9, 3-2 Korea, Cuba has bases loaded 1 out.

2008-08-23 06:16:47
3.   Raf
Yuniesky Gourriel grounds into a game ending DP; Korea with the Gold

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