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Dae Han Min-Gook for the gold in baseball
2008-08-23 06:40
by Bob Timmermann

Korea took the gold in the Olympic baseball tournament with a 3-2 win over Cuba in Beijing this morning (Saturday night in Beijing).

Seungyeop Lee hit a 2-run homer and Yongkyu Lee had an RBI double in the seventh to account for all the scoring.

Cuba loaded the bases in the ninth and Korean catcher Min-Ho Kang was ejected after arguing a base on balls call in the same inning.

But with the bases loaded and Yuliesky Gourriel up, Taehyon Chong induced a game-ending 6-4-3 DP.

Korea went undefeated in the tournament, finishing 8-0, including two wins each over Japan and Cuba as well as one over the USA.

(Photo credit: Jonathan Ferrey/Getty Images)


2008-08-23 09:04:01
1.   bobsbrother
I believe the infield fly rule is in effect in that photo.
2008-08-23 10:53:13
2.   Tripon
So how many of the Korean team is MLB ready or MLB prospects?
2008-08-23 11:18:44
3.   Bob Timmermann
I doubt any of the Korean players would do much in MLB except for Seungyeop Lee and he's probably too old now.
2008-08-23 12:45:38
4.   Berkeley Doug

Similiar to our players, are the players from Korea & Japan "minor league" players or are they using some players from their professional leagues?


2008-08-23 13:17:04
5.   StolenMonkey86
Byung-Hyun Kim wasn't there to ruin everything, either.
2008-08-23 14:10:10
6.   xaphor
4 Their teams consisted of major leauguers playing in Japan or Korea. Japan and Cuba were the co-favourites going in while most would have predicted Korea coming fourth behind the US. This was quite an impressive run by the Koreans who get to skip out on their two year military service requirement as an extra reward.

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