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Before we were so rudely interrupted...
2008-08-25 06:00
by Bob Timmermann

Way back on April 28, the White Sox and Orioles played 11 innings in Chicago and were tied 3-3 after 11 innings when cold, rainy, and generally miserable weather forced the game's suspension.

That game is finally going to be finished today at 3:05 pm PT, 119 days after it started. Although the game will be played in Baltimore, the Orioles will be the "road" team and bat first until the game's conclusion.

The two pitchers who were in the game at the time of the suspension, Scott Linebrink of Chicago and George Sherrill of Baltimore, are both on the disabled list now.

Either team can use anybody on its present 25-man roster to play in the game, unless that player had already been removed from the game. The Orioles will need a new shortstop as the one in the game at the suspension, Brandon Fahey, is in the minors. Adam Jones was in center field for Baltimore, but he is also on the DL.

The White Sox could go with the players who were in the game back on April 28 as none of the those nine players are ineligible.

When the suspended game is completed, the regularly scheduled game between the Orioles and White Sox will be played. It will start at 4:05 PT or about 30 minutes after the suspsended game is completed.

The Orioles also have two doubleheaders to play in September. One on September 6 against Oakland that was set up so the Orioles wouldn't conflict with a Baltimore Ravens game. The other will be against Tampa Bay on September 23 to make up a rainout from all the way back on April 3.

2008-08-25 07:26:10
1.   Eric Enders
I guess I don't pay enough attention to these things, but I didn't realize that they could use anybody on the present rosters.

So years from now when we look at Griffey's game log for 2008, it will show him playing for two different teams on April 28, 2008?

2008-08-25 12:19:08
2.   rbj
What if a player had been removed, and then got traded. Would the new player (essentially taking that roster spot) be eligible?

Oh, and if there were two players traded at the same time from one of the teams, one removed and one still eligible?

And then if there were players removed, but then swapped between the teams. Could someone get credited with playing for both teams?

2008-08-25 13:21:33
3.   Travis08
2 Yes to all three.

Someone could get credited for playing for both teams, but it's never happened, at least not at the major league level.

It could have happened in an Eastern League game between Portland and New Hampshire this season - 3B Andrew Pinckney started for Portland on June 22, was released soon after, and was on New Hampshire when the game resumed on July 28. For whatever reason, Pinckney was the only New Hampshire position player that didn't make it into the game after it resumed.

Box score:

2008-08-25 13:42:52
4.   rbj
3 Thanks. And if I were the NH manager I'd have found a way to get Pinckney in the game. Unless he's really bad.

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