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Mariners primed to be the first to go .... or not
2008-08-25 01:18
by Bob Timmermann

After yesterday's action, it's Seattle which has the first chance to be mathematically eliminated from playoff contention.

The Mariners are 48-82 (maximum 80 wins) and the Angels are presently 79-50. If the Mariners lost at home to Minnesota Monday night and the Angels beat Oakland in Anaheim, it will be time to write -30- for the Mariners.

Washington can't be eliminated Monday because the Nats don't play. The Nats will be eliminated with any combination of wins and losses by the Mets and Nats that add up to two. Washington has 85 losses and the Mets have but 72 wins. However, the Mets (72 wins), Phillies (71 wins), and Marlins (67 wins) have enough games against each other that one of them would have to wind up with enough wins to eliminate the Nats.

So.... it will be Dallas Braden going for Oakland against Jered Weaver of the Angels at 7:05 pm and Francisco Liriano of the Twins going up against Miguel Batista of Seattle at 7:10 pm.

If the Mariners don't get it done Monday, then on Tuesday the Nats will be at home to face the Dodgers while the Mets and Phillies play each other in the Keystone State.

UPDATE - The Mariners won't be eliminated from playoff contention with a loss tonight and a win by the Angels. They would still have a remote chance at catching Boston for the wild card.

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