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Contest with no prize: Instant replay time? CONTEST OVER!
2008-09-03 19:22
by Bob Timmermann

Dodger Thoughts commenter LAT suggested a contest to pick the first team and stadium when instant replay will be used this season. You can also guess "none."

The winner receives the admiration of his/her peers.

(Bumped back up for more people to try to go after that all important peer group success.)

UPDATE - Nobody had it exactly right, but dianagramr did guess Tropicana Field, but with a Rays home run. The correct answer is the Yankees at Tropicana Field. Ninth inning. Alex Rodriguez's home run down the left field line was reviewed and upheld!

Diane you have the limited admiration of your peers!


2008-09-01 14:08:24
1.   KG16
Angels at Angel Stadium, in right center field (just above the scoreboard).
2008-09-01 14:10:57
2.   Linkmeister
Would Manny's second home run of the game the other night have been eligible? I heard it described as hitting the foul (fair) pole, but the video I saw didn't show that clearly (to me, anyway).
2008-09-01 14:12:05
3.   Bob Timmermann
That play is exactly what they would want to review.
2008-09-01 14:13:33
4.   LAT
I'm going with Phillies at Citizens Park. I'll add that it will be hit by Ryan Howard and the ball will be called a HR and affirmed upon review. Finally, it will be on a day ending with the letter "y".
2008-09-01 14:29:43
5.   Eric Enders
2008-09-01 14:36:28
6.   Gagne55
Rangers at Ameriquest.
2008-09-01 14:49:01
7.   larry slimfast
A team of umpires will use instant replay at Chase. The baseball teams will be the D'backs and some team they are playing.
2008-09-01 14:57:38
8.   Indiana Jon
I'll take the Yankees at Yankee Stadium.
2008-09-01 15:11:09
9.   gpellamjr
I think that umpires will be hesitant to use it.

But I think Tony LaRussa will use it during this series in Arizona. The call, which went against him, will not be overturned, but he will be praised for his managerial brilliance in calling for the replay.

2008-09-01 15:39:56
10.   Harpo JB
Managers are not permitted to "call for" a replay. The decision to review is left solely to the umpires.
2008-09-01 15:43:00
11.   Sam DC
Red Sox batting at Fenway.

And it will be ruled a home run.

Over and over again.

2008-09-01 15:54:26
12.   Johnny Nucleo
Off topic, but what a week in Thief River Falls!
2008-09-01 20:26:05
13.   arborial
I'm gonna go Padres at home vs. someone. Home runs are so rare in Petco that the umps will have to review it because they don't believe their eyes.
2008-09-01 20:50:45
14.   sporky
Yankees at Angel Stadium.
2008-09-02 10:15:52
15.   Josh Wilker
I'll go with the Astros in Houston, partially because it was an Astro (Bob Watson) who scored baseball's one millionth run, partially because in the couple times I've watched TV games set in that stadium I've been confused by some of the ricocheting line drives that are ruled home runs there.
2008-09-02 11:33:44
16.   dianagramr
Yankees at Yankee Stadium
2008-09-02 11:59:52
17.   Gagne55
Too late.
See 8 .
2008-09-02 12:03:19
18.   Humma Kavula
I realize that "none" is taken -- thanks a lot, Eric -- so I will underscore my choice of none with a scenario.

There will be a game... oh, say Brewers at Miller Park. Fly ball down the line. It's ruled foul, but on television, it's clearly a home run... still, after consulting with each other, the umps decide NOT to use instant replay, and on the next pitch, the batter grounds to short. The Brewers protest the game, but end up winning anyway, rendering the decision not to use replay moot.

After the game, the chattering class and Ned Yost go ballistic. Bud Selig urges the umps to use the tools that are available to them. One ump says, "It wasn't a home run. I called it the way I saw it. Who ya gonna believe, me or your own eyes?"

After a week of high dudgeon, Selig puts replay on ice, saying that the issue will be readdressed next year.

Meanwhile, the earth continues to spin on its axis.

2008-09-02 12:22:16
19.   dianagramr

oops ... hey 14 you are in the same boat.

OK ... how about the Rays at Tropicana Field

2008-09-02 12:23:11
20.   dianagramr
never mind 14 ... I have suddenly lost the ability to read!
2008-09-02 12:29:39
21.   ABreck
How about Milwaukee County Stadium.
Sept 28th
Playing for the NL Central Title
Game tied in the bottom of the 9th...
Replay inconclusive...

We'll just call the game off. They both make the playoffs anyway!

2008-09-03 19:51:32
22.   dianagramr
"Limited admiration" sounds like one of the the status markers in Facebook.

(But I'll take whatever admiration I can get) :-)

2008-09-03 20:39:55
23.   Icaros
Now, where will the first-ever call reversal take place?
2008-09-03 20:52:51
24.   fordprefect

Aye, there's the rub.

(I sound like a pirate there.

--Oooh! Pirates & Dodgers! at Chavez!)

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