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Let's play two, again and again and again
2008-09-04 06:00
by Bob Timmermann

Eighty years ago today, the Boston Braves started a record breaking stretch of eight straight doubleheaders by getting swept by the Brooklyn Dodgers at home 3-2 and 9-2.

The Braves would return the favor the next day with a sweep of Brooklyn.

After a day off, the Braves traveled to Philadelphia and split a doubleheader with the Phillies on September 7, but were swept at Baker Bowl the next day.

The Braves took another day off and then returned home to face the Giants for an eight game series over four days starting on September 10. The series was originally supposed to end on September 13, but rain washed out the doubleheader scheduled for September 12 and it was moved to September 14. No matter when the games were played, it was bad news for the Braves. They dropped all eight games and were outscored 63-24 by the Giants.

On September 15, the Braves played the final doubleheader in the stretch. And Boston split a pair against the Cubs.

The Braves played 13 doubleheaders in all in September of 1928 and ground out a 10-25 record. Aside from the two doubleheaders in Philadelphia, the Braves left Boston just one other time, dropping a single game at New York on September 2, 5-2.

The 1928 Braves finished with a 50-103 record, 44 1/2 games behind first place St. Louis. And they weren't even the worst team in the NL. The Phillies finished 43-109.

Hall of Famer Rogers Hornsby was the leader of the Braves through this season. Hornsby took over as manager on May 25. Hornsby led the NL in BA (.387), SLG (.632), and OBP (.498). The Braves loved Hornsby so much that he was traded to the Cubs for five players and $200,000.

The only other player of note on the Braves was first baseman George Sisler, who made his NL debut with the Braves after 12 seasons in the AL. Sisler opened the year in Washington for his 13th AL campaign and was sold to Boston in May. Sisler batted .340 for the Braves.

So to honor this stretch of doubleheaders, Oakland and Kansas City will try to play a doubleheader today at Kauffman Stadium. If for some reason the teams can't get the twinbill in, the two teams have an open date in common on September 25. Or maybe they'll just forget about the whole thing.


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