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Three weeks to go, eight spots to be decided, four teams gone
2008-09-07 20:00
by Bob Timmermann

The final three weeks of the season are upon us and all we know is that Washington, Seattle, Pittsburgh, and San Diego won't be playing. But there should be a team clinching a spot in the postseason. And there will be a slew of eliminations this week.

Magic Number Updates - Division leaders

  • Angels (AL West) - 3 (Angels win and Rangers lose)
  • Cubs (NL Central) - 16 (Cubs lose, but so do the Brewers)
  • White Sox (AL Central) - 18 (White Sox lose, but so do the Twins)
  • Mets (NL East) - 18 (Mets and Phillies split twinbill)
  • Dodgers (NL West) - 19 (Dodgers beat Arizona)
  • Rays (AL East) - 20 (Rays lose and Red Sox win)

Wild Card Leaders

  • Red Sox - 14 (Red Sox win and Twins lose)
  • Brewers - 16 (Brewers lose, but Phillies drop one game in doubleheader)

The Angels will host the Yankees for three games and could be the first team since (I believe) the 1985 Blue Jays to clinch a division title while playing the Yankees. This would be a bit of a different situation since the Yankees and Angels are in different divisions and the Angels have such a big lead. In 1985, the Blue Jays beat the Yankees in Toronto on the next to last day of the season to clinch their first AL East title. So it's not like the Angels would be eliminating the Yankees in Anaheim.

Living on the Edge of Destruction

  • Baltimore will be eliminated with a loss to Cleveland Monday or a Red Sox win over Tampa Bay at Fenway.
  • Cincinnati will be eliminated if the Reds lose at Milwaukee Monday.
  • Oakland will be eliminated with a loss at Detroit and a Boston win against Tampa Bay.
  • Kansas City will be eliminated if the White Sox win at Toronto.

Atlanta is close to elimination, but doesn't play Monday. The Mets are off as well.


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