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Eight spots left, eight teams gone
2008-09-09 22:24
by Bob Timmermann

Atlanta and Kansas City departed the scene, but Cincinnati stayed alive. The Angels had an opportunity to clinch tonight, but got nowhere close to it. The Angels can still clinch a playoff spot on Wednesday with a win at home over the Yankees and a Rangers loss in Seattle. Both of those games will be played during the day. (12:35 pm for the Angels and 1:40 pm in Seattle.)

So here are the magical numbers:

Division Leaders:

  • Angels (AL West) - 2 (Angels lose and Texas wins)
  • Cubs (NL Central) - 14 (Cubs lose, but so does Milwaukee)
  • Dodgers (NL West) - 16 (Dodgers win and Diamondbacks lose)
  • Mets (NL East) - 16 (Mets win and Phillies lose)
  • White Sox (AL Central) - 18 (White Sox get swept in doubleheader and Minnesota wins)
  • Rays (AL East) - 18 (Rays beat Red Sox)

Wild Card Leaders:

  • Red Sox - 13 (Red Sox lose and Twins win)
  • Brewers - 15 (Brewers lose, but so do the Phillies. The Cardinals are now in the equation as they are even with the Phillies in the loss column. If the Phillies and Cardinals lose Wednesday and the Astros win, then there will be three teams with the same number of losses chasing the Brewers.)

Teetering on the precipice

Cincinnati will be eliminated with a loss at Milwaukee. However, winning at Milwaukee has proven to be fairly easy recently as the Brewers on their current home stand lost three to the Mets, two of four to the Padres, and now the first two to the Reds. On the Brewers upcoming road trip, they will play four in Philadelphia, three in Chicago, and three in Cincinnati.

After the Reds are eliminated, it will be a few days before any other team is eliminated. The Rangers are the next most endangered team.

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