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Rainy days and Fridays always give me mixed signals
2008-09-12 19:06
by Bob Timmermann

Rain from various sources have wreaked havoc with baseball's schedule tonight.

First of all, the Cubs never even traveled to Houston to play the Astros because of Hurricane Ike's arrival in Texas. The three game series looks like it will now be played in Milwaukee on Sunday and Monday, although final details haven't been worked out.

The Rays and Yankees were rained out in the Bronx. That will be made up as a day-night doubleheader on Saturday. Weather permitting, of course.

The Mets were home too. And it wasn't too surprising that since it was raining in the Bronx, it would be raining in Queens. So the Mets and Braves will play a single-admission doubleheader Saturday. Tickets to the last remaining games at Yankee Stadium are obviously a scarcer resource than tickets to the last remaining games at Shea Stadium.

The Brewers and Phillies were rained out at Citizens Bank Park. That game will be made up as a day-night doubleheader on Sunday. The final game will not be televised because it runs up against the ESPN Sunday night blackout.

The Twins and Orioles were rained out at Camden Yards. That game will be made up as part of a single admission doubleheader on Saturday. The Orioles also have a game against Oakland that hasn't been rescheduled and I have my doubts that anyone will bother as both teams have been eliminated. I might care because I have Brian Roberts on my fantasy team.

The Tigers and White Sox were rained out at US Cellular Field. The game will be made up as a single admission doubleheader Saturday. This will be the second doubleheader of the week for the White Sox.


2008-09-12 19:57:01
1.   Eric Stephen
Too bad for the Astros. With the series in a much closer (for Cubs fans) Milwaukee, many more Cubs fans can be "Close To You".

Creepier brother/sister duo of the 1970s? Osmonds or Carpenters?

2008-09-12 20:22:44
2.   Ken Noe
Osmonds. More of them.
2008-09-12 22:38:16
3.   berkowit28
Why would they play this in Milwaukee rather than Chicago? A hamfisted attempt to be fair by using a park that "should" have anti-Cubs fans as it's a rival town - though as Eric says it's a lot closer to Chicago than to Houston - or at least a theoretically neutral park? Even though attendance ought to be a lot lower?

Has anyone ever been able to figure out whether teams usually play better home than away because of:

1) fan support vs. fan hate or disinterest
2) lack of familiarity with away parks, distances, etc.
3) general discomfort on the road, hotels, no wives, etc. vs. living in their own homes

In this case, only item 1 perhaps improves for the Cubs, while all items are worse for the Astros.

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