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Looking back to the last Big Day O' Baseball Games
2008-09-14 10:25
by Bob Timmermann

Yesterday (September 13), there were 21 games on the MLB schedule. However, only 18 were played as the Cubs and Astros had been postponed much earlier and the White Sox and Tigers could never start their doubleheader.

September 13 could have been the busiest day in the majors since August 4, 1974 when 20 games were played. There were doubleheaders played in Pittsburgh, San Diego, San Francisco, St. Louis, Chicago (Comiskey Park), Detroit, Kansas City, Milwaukee, and Minnesota.

So what caused this bounty of baseball? It wasn't necessarily poor weather. There was only one game rained out on August 3 and that was the game between the Twins and A's in Bloomington. However, that game was made up on August 5 as the Twins and A's already had a doubleheader scheduled for August 4. The Padres and Reds hadn't played on Saturday because the Padres didn't have priority on San Diego Stadium (later Jack Murphy and now Qualcomm) and had to let the Chargers play a preseason game there. So they scheduled a doubleheader for August 4.

But this was a different time and teams would schedule doubleheaders before the season started. People didn't seem to mind sitting through two baseball games in the daytime in August. All of the doubleheaders were regularly scheduled.

Also, the Yankees and Red Sox were going to play a doubleheader at Shea Stadium, but the teams could only get in one game, a 7-3 Red Sox win, and the second game was rained out and made up as part of doubleheader on September 24.

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