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Stringing together the low hit games
2008-09-15 14:58
by Bob Timmermann

After Carlos Zambrano's no-hitter Monday, Ted Lilly, along with Jeff Samardzija, Carlos Marmol, and Bob Howry, pitched a one-hitter.

As I was looking for any similar feat, I did come across this stretch of three games the Mets had in 2003.

  • June 15, 2003 - Steve Trachsel throws a one-hitter against the Angels in Anaheim, surrendering only a sixth inning single to David Eckstein.
  • June 16, 2003 - The Mets then travel cross country to Florida and play the Marlins in Miami. Dontrelle Willis throws a one-hitter, giving up just a fourth inning single to Ty Wigginton,
  • June 17, 2003 - Jae Seo, David Weathers, and Armando Benitez of the Mets combine on a 1-hitter. Seo surrenders the only hit of the game, a fifth inning single by Juan Encarnacion.

The last time one time held a team to one or fewer hits in consecutive games was back on May 3-4, 1996, when the Rangers did so to the Tigers. Ken Hill threw a one-hitter on May 3, a first inning single by Bobby Higginson. On May 4, Roger Pavlik gave up only a 5th inning homer to Mark Lewis.

2008-09-15 16:00:01
1.   Linkmeister
Yet the Mets still have no no-hit games by any of their stellar pitchers of yore. You'd think among Seaver, Koosman, Holtzman, Gooden and more somebody would have gotten over the hump.
2008-09-15 16:18:51
2.   Bob Timmermann
In the same time period, expansion buddy Houston has thrown 10 no-hitters.
2008-09-15 18:23:44
3.   Linkmeister
And worse, a couple of them are by an ex-Met! Nolan Ryan, why'd you leave NY?

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