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Seven spots left, eleven teams gone
2008-09-15 21:02
by Bob Timmermann

The Tigers bid us adieu tonight and now half of the 22 teams that will see their seasons not extend into October are known. The Angels are still the only team with a postseason berth in hand.

Here are the magical numbers:

Division Leaders

  • Cubs (NL Central) - 6 (Cubs win and Brewers are idle)
  • Dodgers (NL West) - 9 (Dodgers and Diamondbacks win)
  • White Sox (AL Central) - 12 (White Sox lose and Twins lose)
  • Mets (NL East) -  13 (Mets lose and Phillies are idle)
  • Rays, Red Sox (AL East) - 14 (Rays lose and Red Sox win. Rays lead division by .002)

Wild card leaders

  • Red Sox, Rays - 6 (Boston), 7 (Tampa Bay) (Red Sox win and Twins lose)
  • Brewers, Phillies - 13 (Brewers and Phillies were both idle. If the Phillies and Mets tie for the NL East and both would make the playoffs, the Mets would win the division and the Phillies would be the wild card.)

Getting ready to call it a season

Cleveland will be eliminated with a loss to Minnesota. Colorado will be eliminated if the Dodgers beat Pittsburgh and the Rockies lose to San Diego.

There's No Place Like Home

The Angels will clinch home field advantage throughout the postseason with a combination of wins and losses by Tampa Bay that adds up to 11. Tampa Bay would get home field against the Angels in case they finish with the same record. The team with the best record in the AL will get the option of picking which Division Series schedule to follow, one of which will start on October 1 and the other on October 2. The tentative schedule can be found here.

Games to be Played if Necessary

Cubs at Houston, Detroit at White Sox, both on September 29. Oakland and Baltimore also could make up a game on September 25.

The Race to #30

The standings:

  W L GB
Washington 57 93  
San Diego 58 93 1/2
Seattle 57 92 1/2

Remaining games left:

  • Washington -  3 vs New York, 3 vs San Diego, 3 vs Florida, 3 at Philadelphia
  • San Diego -  2 at Colorado, 3 at Washington, 3 at Los Angeles, 3 vs Pittsburgh
  • Seattle -  3 at Kansas City, 3 at Oakland, 4 vs Los Angeles, 3 vs Oakland

Tuesday's Games of Note

Los Angeles (Lowe) at Pittsburgh (Karstens), Houston (Oswalt) at Florida (Volstad), New York (Pelfrey) at Washington (Perez), Philadelphia (Moyer) at Atlanta (Parr), Milwaukee (Sabathia) at Chicago (Dempster), San Francisco (Cain) at Arizona (Haren), Minnesota (Liriano) at Cleveland (Jackson), Chicago (Floyd) at New York (Pettitte), Boston (Beckett) at Tampa Bay (Sonnanstine)

2008-09-16 08:17:23
1.   ToyCannon
USA Today should pick up the Griddle.

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