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HOF Veterans Committee completes ballot
2008-09-16 11:42
by Bob Timmermann

The Screening Committee for the Veterans Commitee of the Baseball Hall of Fame has come out with 21 10 candidates whose careers started after 1943 and will be considered for induction when the Committee meets on December 7, with the results announced the next day.

They are: Dick Allen, Gil Hodges, Jim Kaat, Tony Oliva, Al Oliver, Vada Pinson, Ron Santo, Luis Tiant, Joe Torre, and Maury Wills.

Officially, Hodges and Torre are supposed to be considered as players only, not managers. That doesn't mean the voters won't take into consideration Torre and Hodges managing. The arcane rules are here.

Earlier 10 candidates whose careers started before 1943 were also chosen: Bill Dahlen, Wes Ferrell, Joe Gordon, Sherry Magee, Carl Mays, Allie Reynolds, Vern Stephens, Mickey Vernon, Bucky Walters and Deacon White.

To be inducted, a candidate needs to receive 75% of the vote of the Veterans Committee, which consists of 12 people. In other words, nine votes. The Veterans Committee consists of Bobby Doerr, Ralph Kiner, Phil Niekro, Robin Roberts, Duke Snider, Don Sutton, Dick Williams, Furman Bisher, Roland Hemond, Steve Hirdt, Bill Madden, and Claire Smith.

2008-09-16 12:11:01
1.   ToyCannon
That is a very white group.
2008-09-16 12:14:57
2.   Bob Timmermann
I assume you are referring to the voters. Claire Smith is an African-American woman.
2008-09-16 12:52:08
3.   Philip Michaels
Ron Santo it is, then.

No Minnie Minoso, huh? That's farcical.

2008-09-16 13:22:09
4.   Bob Timmermann
If you looked at this post when it first came up, Minoso was listed. He was among the 21 players considered for the ballot, but didn't make the cut.
2008-09-16 14:33:24
5.   ToyCannon
Figures, the only person I had not heard of.

That won't get Dick Allen in.

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