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Tonight, when reality TV programs became way too annoying
2008-09-21 09:08
by Bob Timmermann

The Korean comedy/reality show "One Night, Two Days" (a show I'm still trying to figure what it's about, but I believe it has five celebrities who have to go on a trip of that length somewhere in Korea) ran afoul of baseball fans in Busan, according to a Korea Times report.

The ``One night-two days'' crew from the Korea Broadcasting System (KBS) visited a Lotte Giants-Doosan Bears game, a duel for No. 2 spot, at Sajik Stadium in Busan Friday, and its cast performed during cleaning time, which usually takes about two or three minutes after the fifth inning.

However, the performance lasted 10 minutes and players who usually warm up during the short span had to stay in the dugouts.

After that, the game continued, but the longer break affected starters, who had thrown to a scoreless tie over five innings.

Giants starter Song Seung-jun allowed three runs in the top of the sixth, and Bears' Kim Sun-woo struggled with his command.

A few more problems were also caused during the night.

The program said it had booked 50 seats in the first base stand for the game, which hit its 18th sold-out game this season, but in fact, they took about 80-90 seats, most of which remained empty during the shooting.

While filming, the staff blocked aisles around the stand, causing disruption to others.

In addition, they deployed cameras on the ground and shot the dugouts during the game.

And to top it off, Ronan Tynan came on and sang "God Bless America!"

2008-09-21 11:16:41
1.   D4P
Tonight, when reality TV programs became way too annoying

Tonight, when water becomes wet.

2008-09-21 11:30:36
2.   Chyll Will
1 Tonight, when the Sun catches fire.

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