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Planes, cabs, and Cesar Izturis
2008-09-21 12:26
by Bob Timmermann's Matthew Leach recounts the wild and wooly journey of Cesar Izturis on Monday, an off day for the Cardinals.

Izturis had an appointment regarding his residency in New York on Monday, the Cardinals' off-day between series in Pittsburgh and Cincinnati. In what seemed like a routine travel plan, he was to fly from Pittsburgh to New York on Sunday, then from New York to Cincinnati on Monday.

Then the remnants of Hurricane Ike intervened.

Izturis' flight out of Pittsburgh was canceled on Sunday night, and he couldn't find a way to get to New York. Ultimately, he reached a deal with a taxi driver to take him the entire way to New York, a trip of approximately 10 hours.

Yet even that didn't go as planned. About halfway through the trip, Izturis noticed that the driver was nodding off. He got the driver to pull over, then took over himself for the last few hours.

My question is: did Cesar Izturis still pay the cab driver the full amount? Is it legal to drive a taxi you hired?

2008-09-21 14:02:55
1.   Andrew Shimmin
I bet he paid the full amount. Why would the driver let him drive if he tried to renegotiate? It's not like the driver was going to get a return fare.
2008-09-21 15:38:32
2.   Bob Timmermann
What if the cab went up and down 5th Avenue looking only for people who wanted to go to Pittsburgh?
2008-09-21 15:55:57
3.   Eric Stephen
The real question is how much of a tip did Izturis leave!
2008-09-21 16:04:31
4.   Chiron Brown
2 You can't even find people in Pittsburgh who want to go to Pittsburgh.
2008-09-21 21:53:16
5.   capdodger
4 I was in Pittsburgh last Sunday evening. The wind was causing the glass in the windows of the hotel ballroom I was in to flex noticeably. I didn't want to be there, but I had drink tickets to use.

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