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Giants appeal their own decision
2008-09-24 09:06
by Bob Timmermann

From the AP story about Colorado's 9-4 win over San Francisco:

Rich Aurilia was originally charged with a two-run error on Tulowitzki’s grounder in the fourth. The official scorer changed the decision after consulting with Giants’ players following the game.

The Giants announced they were appealing the change.

At the time, the Giants didn't realize that Tim Lincecum would give up so many runs and finish the game behind Johan Santana in the NL ERA race (2.64 to 2.66).

2008-09-24 09:34:17
1.   dianagramr
They should try that with all the hits charged to Barry Zito instead.
2008-09-24 09:36:16
2.   dianagramr
from the article ...

"This kid has been grinding hard," Giants manager Bruce Bochy said. "He came off two complete games. That wears on you, and this is his first full year."


and who is responsible for that wear Bruce?

2008-09-24 10:07:26
3.   Louis in SF
The way the Giants have been using Timmy is bordering on crazy. I think Webb and Santana also have strong cases for CY Young.
2008-09-24 10:57:28
4.   standuptriple
The Giants' official scorer is as attrocious as their PA announcer.
2008-09-24 11:22:18
5.   Zak
I hate to wish harm on anyone, so I will put on a Giants hat for this one.

First, eww. Black and orange hats? Really?
Second, as a giants fan, i hate what this could do to timmy. someone remarked recently that timmy's stats and overuse are similar to mark prior's early years. i am too lazy to check that out, but as a giants fan, that would scare me.
Third, is all this strain really worth it? even if there is a microscopic chance that this will end up hurting him next year or two or more, why take that chance?

It really is beyond stupid. I feel like Lincecum will somehow end up paying for this over the next year.

2008-09-24 12:08:50
6.   dianagramr
Since the beginning of 2004, there have been 26 games in which a 24-year-old or younger starter has made 125 or more pitches:

Matt Cain has done it twice this year.
Lincecum has done it three times in the last month.

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