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When 'if necessary' becomes more neccesary than if
2008-09-26 13:46
by Bob Timmermann

The Chicago White Sox have four games left to play with only three days left in the regular season. A rainout against the Tigers on September 13 was only going to be made up if it had a bearing on the playoffs.

And on September 26, the White Sox trail Minnesota by 1/2 game. So it has become increasingly likely that the game will be played. The Twins magic number is four, so even if the Twins sweep Kansas City in Minneapolis, the White Sox can force the Tigers to make one more trip to Chicago on Monday.

The White Sox have now scheduled that game to be played at 12:55 pm PT.

Chicago has a magic number of five and could in theory win the division without playing this game if they can sweep the Indians in Chicago or have the Twins stumble or some combination of the two.

2008-09-26 13:58:41
1.   Joshua Worley
I'm pretty sure Chicago's magic number is five. If they swept the Indians for example they would need two Twins losses to go up 1.5 games and therefore clinch before Monday.
2008-09-26 14:54:09
2.   Bob Timmermann
It says five now.

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