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Three spots left, twenty teams gone
by Bob Timmermann

Houston said good bye to any chance at the playoffs. Tampa Bay finally sewed up the AL East. The Angels clinched home field in the playoffs for all three rounds if need be. The Phillies crept within a game of the playoffs. The Brewers looked like they might get into the playoffs after all. And the AL Central race may never end.

Here are the magical numbers:

Division Leaders

  • Phillies (NL East) -  1 (Phillies win and Mets lose.)
  • Twins (AL Central) - 3 (Twins and White Sox lose.)

Wild card leaders

  •  Brewers - 2 (Brewers win and Mets lose.)

A Fitting Sendoff to Baseball's Worst Stadium?

The Mets will be eliminated from postseason contention with a loss at home to Florida and a win by Milwaukee at home against the Cubs.

There's No Place Like Home

The Angels have clinched homefield for all rounds of the playoffs. The Angels have opted to open the playoffs on Wednesday. The AL Central champ will play at Tampa Bay on Thursday. The tentative schedule can be found here.

In the NL, the Cubs will be at home for the NLDS and they would be the home team in the NLCS. The NL East champion (Phillies or Mets) will be the #2 team.

Game to be Played if Necessary

Detroit at White Sox on September 29.

The game will be played unless the Twins win two games and the White Sox lose one OR the White Sox lose two games and the Twins win one of their remaining two games.

The Race to #30

The standings:

Seattle 59 101    .369
Washington 59 100 1/2 .371

The Mariners will clinch the worst record with their next loss or a win by Washington.

Saturday's Games of Note

Florida (Nolasco) at New York (Santana), Washington (Lannan) at Philadelphia (Moyer), Chicago (Lilly) at Milwaukee (Sheets), Kansas City (Meche) at Minnesota (Perkins), Cleveland (Jackson) at Chicago (Vazquez)

Contenders Schedules

  • Chicago White Sox (3) -  2 vs Cleveland, 1 vs Detroit if needed
  • Minnesota (2) -   2 vs Kansas City
  • Philadelphia (2) -   2 vs Washington
  • New York (2) -   2 vs Florida
  • Milwaukee (2) -    2 vs Chicago

Teams Frozen In Place

  • The four AL West teams are frozen in place
  • Cleveland (3rd in AL Central)
  • The five AL East teams are all in place
  • Florida (3rd in NL East)
  • Atlanta (4th in NL East)
  • Washington (5th in NL East)
  • Chicago (1st in NL Central)
  • Milwaukee (2nd in NL Central)
  • Cincinnati (5th in NL Central)
  • Pittsburgh (6th in NL Central)
  • All five teams in the NL West will finish in their current positions


If needed, Minnesota would play at Chicago for the AL Central on Tuesday. In the NL, if Milwaukee, Philadelphia, and New York finish with the same record, New York would play at Philadelphia to decide the NL East and the Brewers would play at the park of the losing team. Milwaukee would play at New York in case of a tie for the NL Wild Card.

2008-09-27 05:44:42
1.   old dodger fan
Thanks for doing this. It's the sort of thing I sometimes do myself but you do it better and it saves me lots of time.

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