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One spot left, twenty-one teams gone
2008-09-28 14:46
by Bob Timmermann

The Brewers are in the playoffs and the NL field is set. All that is left to decide is the AL Central. And that may take two days.

The White Sox beat Cleveland today 5-1 and a few minutes later the Twins polished off Kansas City 6-0. The Twins lead the White Sox by 1/2 game. So, the White Sox have to play their game against the Tigers that was postponed back on September 13.

That game is scheduled to start at 11:05 am PT. Freddy Garcia (1-1, 4.50) will pitch for Detroit and Gavin Floyd (16-8, 3.91) will pitch for the White Sox on three days rest.

If the White Sox win the game, there will then be a tiebreaker game played Tuesday in Chicago. That game would start at 4:37 pm PT. The Twins would start Nick Blackburn in that game. The White Sox would probably start John Danks.

The last time a rained out game had to made up after the conclusion of the regular season was back in 1981 when the Royals had to go to Cleveland on October 5, 1981 to play a doubleheader. The twinbill was necessary to see if Oakland would win both halves of the split season. The Royals won the first game 9-0 to clinch the second half title before a crowd of 3006 at Municipal Stadium. The Royals were quickly dispactched by Oakland in the Division Series.

Also, Washington will pick first in the draft next spring after losing to Philadelphia today, 8-3. The Nationals finished with a record of 59-102.

2008-09-28 16:25:01
1.   bobsbrother
Based on my limited knowledge of baseball players and the month of October, I can't imagine the Tigers are too enthusiastic about this game.
2008-09-28 17:10:47
2.   Bob Timmermann
The Tigers fired their pitching coach and bullpen coach.

Effective today.

2008-09-28 17:49:31
3.   bobsbrother
Hope the starter can go nine.
2008-09-29 07:50:02
4.   bhsportsguy
2 Maybe they can hire Tanyon Sturze.

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