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Tiebreaker game thread, Minnesota at Chicago, 4:37 pm PT
2008-09-30 15:01
by Bob Timmermann

Tonight, at 4:37 pm PT, weather permitting, the Minnesota Twins and Chicago White Sox will play what should be the last regular season game of the 2008 season. Both teams finished 162 games with a record of 88-74.

This will be the 12th tiebreaker in the history of the majors.

  • 1946 - The Dodgers and Cardinals were tied with two games left in the season. They both won on the last Saturday of the season and then both won on the final Sunday to force the first tiebreaker playoff. The Cardinals won 2 games to none.
  • 1948 - Cleveland led both the Yankees and Red Sox by one game with two to play. On the final Saturday (October 2), the Red Sox beat the Yankees 5-1 to eliminated New York as Cleveland won. Boston forced a tie on the final Sunday with a 10-5 win over the Yankees and Cleveland lost to Detroit 7-1. Cleveland won the one game playoff at Fenway, 8-3.
  • 1951 - Branca pitched to one batter in the 9th
  • 1959 - In a weird and wild pennant race, the Dodgers and Braves both passed up the Giants in the final week. The Braves caught the Dodgers on the final Saturday (September 26), and both teams won on Sunday, with the Dodgers beating the Cubs 7-1 at Wrigley and the Braves beat the Phillies, 5-2 in Milwaukee. The Dodgers won the playoff in two games.
  • 1962 - The Dodgers led the Giants by 1 1/2 games with two to play. The Dodgers lose both games (to the Cardinals) while the Giants won three games, including a doubleheader sweep, against Houston. Giants win the playoff in three games. Three very, very, very trying games.
  • 1978 - HR: Dent (5,7th inning off Torrez 2 on 2 out);
  • 1980 - The Dodgers come into the final weekend down three games to Houston with three to play against the Astros at Dodger Stadium. The Dodgers win all three in dramatic fashion. And then lose the tiebreaker on Monday in incredibly undramatic fashion.
  • 1995 - The Mariners lead the Angels by two games with two left and lose both to Texas while the Angels win two against Oakland. The tiebreaker is ... not exciting.
  • 1998 - The Cubs and Giants are tied on the final day. The Cubs lose in Houston, 4-3, in 11 innings. The Giants blow a chance at a playoff spot when Robb Nen gives up a game-ending home run to Neifi Perez at Coors Field. The Rockies win 9-8. The next day, the Cubs survive a 3-run ninth by the Giants in a 5-3 victory.
  • 1999 - On the final day, the Astros lead the Reds by one game in the Central. The Reds are tied with the Mets for the wild card. Houston beats the Dodgers 9-1 to win the Central. The Mets beat the Pirates 2-1 on a game-ending wild pitch by Brad Clontz. The Reds wait out a lengthy rain delay in Milwaukee to win 7-1. Al Leiter of the Mets throws a 2-hitter against the Reds at Cinergy Field in a 5-0 win.
  • 2007 - The Rockies are in first place for only one day, April 6. They don't move into a tie for playoff position until the last day of the season, September 30, when they catch the Padres. The Rockies outlast the Padres, 9-8, in 13 innings at Coors Field. The Rockies use 10 pitchers in the game, with Ramon Ortiz getting the win, the only win he ever had as a Rockie.
Comments (99)
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2008-09-30 15:33:55
1.   BlueMamma
Why on earth 4:37?
2008-09-30 15:45:06
2.   Bob Timmermann
Span RF
Casilla 2B
Mauer C
Morneau 1B
Cuddyer DH
Young LF
Harris 3B
Punto SS
Gomez CF
Blackburn P

White Sox:
Cabrera SS
Wise LF
Dye RF
Thome DH
Konerko 1B
Griffey CF
Ramirez 2B
Pierzynski C
Uribe 3B
Danks P

2008-09-30 15:49:22
3.   ToyCannon
Now that the Twins have made it this far I'm rooting for the White Sox. Loved the comeback yesterday and yes I'd like to see Junior play in the postseason.
2008-09-30 15:59:12
4.   KG16
wow, the fifth tie breaker since realignment. guess it doesn't just seem like it's happening a lot more, it actually is.
2008-09-30 15:59:58
5.   KG16
2 - why is Manny Ramirez playing second for the White Sox, was in he Chicago a day early and got lost?
2008-09-30 16:46:50
6.   ToyCannon
The NL West may have been weak but when I see the lineups for these two teams I have no doubt the Dodgers would have done some serious damage in the AL Central.
2008-09-30 16:54:20
Is this game on TV? Extra Innings?
2008-09-30 16:55:03
8.   scareduck
1 - Hi, Kathleen!
2008-09-30 16:55:33
Nevermind its on TBS, the channel only watched during the MLB playoffs
2008-09-30 16:55:42
10.   scareduck
7 - TBS.
2008-09-30 16:57:14
11.   scareduck
9 - yeah, you have to wonder. I have read that one of the big calling cards of sporting events is that they encourage their viewers to watch live while the ads are going, which sets them apart from scripted programming.
2008-09-30 16:58:37
12.   scareduck
3 - speaking as an Angels partisan in the AL, I'm torn; I hate the White Sox for 2005 and their annoying fans (sore winners!), but the Twins play in an Astroturf park, which is hard on knees (hullo, Vlad).
2008-09-30 17:01:53
13.   KG16
12 - white sox fans weren't nearly as annoying as the other sox fans after finally breaking through. and i suspect they will be much better than the south siders, if they ever break through.
2008-09-30 17:06:54
14.   scareduck
13 - dude, Chisox fans are Southsiders. Cubs fans are Northsiders.
2008-09-30 17:10:02
15.   underdog
I don't mind ChiSox fans. My reasons for rooting against the Sox are: Hawk Harrelson, and Ozzie Guillen. Which are pretty thin reasons, frankly. Plus the Twins are season-long underdogs.
2008-09-30 17:13:34
16.   scareduck
15 - Hawk: worst announcer of any major-market team.
Ozzie: I have actually made my peace with him. But his idiocy WRT Javier Vazquez three starts ago got him to game 163 IMO. Not a very smart managers. If your players suck, shut up and deal.
2008-09-30 17:14:02
17.   scareduck
16 - not a very smart manager. Dain bramage.
2008-09-30 17:14:42
18.   Bob Timmermann
So is Tim McClelland the designated home plate umpire for tiebreaker games now?
2008-09-30 17:21:58
19.   ToyCannon
If you don't take Hawk seriously he's kind of fun. He's such a caricature that he's almost cartoonish. I always liked him as a kid when he was a ballplayer because he pissed off Charles Finley who I couldn't stand. And then he had a big home run year for the Red Sox when I was a big fan.
2008-09-30 17:26:00
20.   Mark T.R. Donohue
I know TBS wasn't around back then to cover it so it barely counted, but... the White Sox won the 1906 World Series.
2008-09-30 17:32:27
21.   das411
Bob, I believe this thread needs...this:

Are these teams pitching well or hitting poorly, I can't tell!

2008-09-30 17:35:29
22.   underdog
This game is kind of, uh, interesting so far. Unless you like a lot of offense.
2008-09-30 17:42:01
23.   Bob Timmermann
Fortunately, my fantasy league is over so Justin Morneau's slump can't bother me anymore.

I ended up losing by a 1/2 point!

2008-09-30 17:45:41
24.   Bob Timmermann
This game is no longer a no-hitter.

For the record, you can type "no hitter" or "perfect game" all you want here.

2008-09-30 17:47:37
25.   underdog
No hitter, no hitter, no hitter!!!

No... Oh, never mind. D'oh.

23 Did you lose to a person under the age of 15?

2008-09-30 17:48:04
26.   Zak
21 This is one of the cooler things I've seen in a while. Thanks for posting this.
2008-09-30 17:48:23
27.   Bob Timmermann
I lost to my oldest brother. But mainly because my 11-year old nephew had four pitchers going on the final day and they all threw gems and I got passed by him in WHIP.
2008-09-30 17:49:07
28.   Bob Timmermann
I've had on the sidebar for two years!
2008-09-30 17:49:23
29.   trainwreck
Griffey still has a little something.
2008-09-30 17:49:37
30.   Raf
Nice throw by Jr.
2008-09-30 17:52:34
31.   das411
NOW it feels like a playoff game!!

26 , it's all about I learned unfortunately trying to post the 2001 AL West race during a Michael Phelps race over at Dodger THoughts...

2008-09-30 17:53:59
32.   Mark T.R. Donohue
Why is A.J. Pierzynski constantly in high-profile collisions? He's just one of Those Guys. Pretty much everyone else in the league, including often his teammates, wants to do him harm.
2008-09-30 17:55:19
33.   scareduck
It's amazing to see two guys who have had really weak recent seasons post zero frames this long.
2008-09-30 17:55:46
34.   Bob Timmermann
Do White Sox fans actually like Pierzynski? And what sort of spell does he hold over Ozzie Guillen to make him believe that he's actually good?
2008-09-30 17:58:46
35.   scareduck
At the rate things are going, first team with a solo homer wins it.
2008-09-30 17:59:08
36.   D4P
Does "Brian Sabean thought very highly of him" count...?
2008-09-30 17:59:22
37.   trainwreck
He was once traded for Liriano, Nathan, and Bonser.

He has to be good!!

2008-09-30 17:59:26
38.   Bob Timmermann
That would give the White Sox a distinct advantage then.
2008-09-30 17:59:54
39.   scareduck
34 - I don't know. I imagine its a sort of trance. Perhaps he's the reincarnation of Svengali.
2008-09-30 18:01:01
40.   scareduck
39 - Assuming Svengali were ever carned.
2008-09-30 18:01:16
41.   D4P
I'm watching the game online, for free. However, my feed is about a batter behind.
2008-09-30 18:01:24
42.   Bob Timmermann
Is Pierzynski considered to be a good defensive catcher?
2008-09-30 18:02:37
43.   LogikReader

Are you using that neat website you linked us to yesterday?

Good game so far! Random note:

You know, I just noticed U.S. Cellular Field has a frieze? It looks very good, and possibly better than the proposed "frieze" at the new Yankee Stadium.

2008-09-30 18:03:39
44.   Mark T.R. Donohue
42 I can't imagine so since the plodding Tigers were going wild on the bases against him yesterday.
2008-09-30 18:04:22
45.   D4P
Yes, I am. It's pretty cool. It takes about 2 minutes or so initially to "buffer", making you think it's not working. But after that, it works perfectly well, except that it's a bit behind.
2008-09-30 18:06:44
46.   scareduck
45 - what site is that, Yogi?
2008-09-30 18:07:43
47.   Bob Timmermann
I predict a breakthrough for the Pale Hose this inning.
2008-09-30 18:08:57
48.   D4P

If you want to try it, click on the little TV icon on the same row as the game. Then, click on one of the "Play" links to the right of one of the "TVAnts". (You'll probably need to install the TVAnts software, which you can do via the Software link at the top of the page).

2008-09-30 18:11:36
49.   Bob Timmermann
I was incorrect.

I also thought Nick Blackburn was Australian.

2008-09-30 18:11:52
50.   LogikReader
This game might go 13 innings... and still be done before 8 pm.
Show/Hide Comments 51-100
2008-09-30 18:13:53
51.   Bob Timmermann
The 1948 tiebreaker lasted just 2:24. And it was an 8-3 game played at Fenway.

That would take 4:24 to play in this day.

2008-09-30 18:15:48
52.   D4P
BTW: My announcers are Dick Stockton and some other guy (maybe Harold Reynolds...?).
2008-09-30 18:19:11
53.   Bob Timmermann
You thought you would get a special set of announcers to yourself?
2008-09-30 18:19:51
54.   Bob Timmermann
See 35
2008-09-30 18:19:58
55.   D4P
Are those your announcers too...?
2008-09-30 18:20:33
56.   Ember Nickel
38 Well...typed, obviously.

The original post also seems a tad deficient in the exclamation point department, but we have more pressing concerns.

2008-09-30 18:20:52
57.   Bob Timmermann
Gameday doesn't use announcers, but I read that Stockton and Reynolds were working this game.
2008-09-30 18:21:09
58.   trainwreck
There is only one feed to the game.
2008-09-30 18:21:20
59.   Tripon
Not with that 1-0 White Sox lead.
2008-09-30 18:21:23
60.   Raf
43 That frieze has been there for a few years now
2008-09-30 18:22:33
61.   das411

JIM THOME!!!!!!!

2008-09-30 18:23:56
62.   thinkblue88

I've been using that site all season long.
It's great.

Except when they don't broadcast the Dodgers game.
I'm sure they will have the postseason games, I haven't checked the schedule.

2008-09-30 18:24:03
63.   D4P
The White Sox shouldn't be allowed to hit homeruns. They should only be allowed bunt and try for productive outs.
2008-09-30 18:24:46
64.   D4P
From what I can tell, they seem to show most games.
2008-09-30 18:25:22
65.   trainwreck
I was wondering if you heard Harold Reynolds say, "That is a baseball play!"
2008-09-30 18:26:20
66.   Bob Timmermann
Now it's time for Baseball's Greatest Monster to adminster the death blow to the Twins.
2008-09-30 18:26:20
67.   D4P
I have the sound off now. I don't like it when the White Sox do good stuff.
2008-09-30 18:26:20
68.   scareduck
I don't know about the rest of you, but I will be sooo glad when Viagra goes off patent.
2008-09-30 18:27:02
69.   D4P
Wow: 3 virtually simultaneous comments. That's a first for me.
2008-09-30 18:30:03
70.   Linkmeister
68 Oh, I'm with you. I wasn't particularly an Elvis fan, but the Viagra ads have gotten even more annoying since they started that "Viva Las Vegas" ripoff.

Which isn't to say the Cialis ads are any better. Imagine if there were ads for feminine hygiene products on television.

2008-09-30 18:30:18
71.   LogikReader
Man, they couldn't get Don Orsillo back? What a bummer. He was good last year.

Best thing about MLB on TBS: No Miller/Morgan

2008-09-30 18:30:46
72.   Bob Timmermann
So will Guillen start Vazquez in Game 1 of the ALDS or will he be banished?
2008-09-30 18:31:17
73.   Bob Timmermann
Orsillo is working the Brewers/Phillies series I believe.
2008-09-30 18:34:19
74.   Bob Timmermann
The lowest scoring tiebreaker game was a 3-1 Giants win over the Dodgers in 1951 at Ebbets Field.
2008-09-30 18:35:23
75.   D4P
The Giants win the tiebreaker! The Giants win the tiebreaker! The Giants win the tiebreaker!
2008-09-30 18:37:42
76.   Bob Timmermann
Nick Punto is an offensive threat that only Ned Colletti would love.
2008-09-30 18:38:29
77.   D4P
Did one white guy just pinch-run for another white guy...?
2008-09-30 18:40:44
78.   D4P
I guess my question would make more sense if I noted that I'm no longer watching the game, and Gameday doesn't have a photo for Tolbert.
2008-09-30 18:41:26
79.   Bob Timmermann
Matt Tolbert:
2008-09-30 18:46:06
80.   Tripon
70 You didn't see the douching ads TNT were running during reruns of Law and Order?
2008-09-30 18:48:05
81.   Bob Timmermann
The White Sox have not beaten the Twins 1-0 since August 22, 1993.

2008-09-30 18:52:29
82.   Linkmeister
80 (Paraphrasing Bill Terry): Is TNT still on the air?
2008-09-30 18:53:18
83.   Bob Timmermann
TNT shows a lot of NBA games.
2008-09-30 18:54:47
84.   Linkmeister
83 People watch regular-season NBA games?
2008-09-30 18:55:40
85.   trainwreck
Sad people like me.
2008-09-30 18:56:43
86.   trainwreck
I will be happy for Nick Swisher.
2008-09-30 18:57:32
87.   Bob Timmermann
And that's a wrap people.
2008-09-30 18:58:04
88.   Eric Stephen
Heck of a catch to end it.

Now go get swept by the Rays!

2008-09-30 18:59:29
89.   Linkmeister
Let the Fox hype for the all-Chicago series begin!

What would it be? The El series? The Ryan Expressway series?

2008-09-30 19:00:12
90.   das411
Congrats White Sox!!! What a game, what an ending, and bring on the Playoff Rays!
2008-09-30 19:02:21
91.   LogikReader
Great catch to end the game!! Good finish... not bad... we're all done, and it's only 7:02.

Thanks for the Orsillo update, Bob!

2008-09-30 19:02:48
92.   scareduck
35 - <buffs fingernails>
2008-09-30 19:04:49
93.   trainwreck
Toby Hall has skiing goggles on.
2008-09-30 19:05:06
94.   scareduck
70 - Some time ago, I had a flock of 14-year-old girls coming to my house on a scavenger hunt asking for a tampon, a feminine pad, and a condom.

I had to look for the condom.

2008-09-30 19:05:45
95.   Ember Nickel
89 Lake Shore Drive, maybe, but I think they'd go with the El.
2008-09-30 19:05:48
96.   scareduck
89 - the El Series.
2008-09-30 19:08:42
97.   trainwreck
You should have just yelled, "Sinners!!"

Then slammed the door shut.

2008-09-30 19:12:47
98.   Bob Timmermann
I've also heard the Red Line Series, but the El Series is shorter.
2008-09-30 21:33:02
99.   das411
.....wait a minute, isn't that guy at The Juice a White Sox fan??

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