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Let the grousing begin in the World Baseball Classic
2008-10-06 20:57
by Bob Timmermann

Although the World Baseball Classic in 2006 was a surprising success, or surprisingly not a disaster, there were lots of disagreements and sniping among teams and national federations about which players would play and who would get paid or get to play.

It looks like Venezuela is the first country to start the complaining. Venezuelan stars Magglio Ordonez, Miguel Cabrera, and Johan Santana have voiced their displeasure with the return of Luis Sojo as the manager of the Venezuelan team and are threatening to boycott the WBC.

Sojo, who managed the class-A Tampa Yankees this year, could not be reached for comment regarding the dispute, but admitted when he was reappointed national manager in August that there were a lot of issues from three years ago.

Those included tickets for players' family members, team meals, and Sojo's decision-making in games.

"There were a lot of mistakes, a lot of things happened and we've got to fix it," he said in August.


2008-10-07 13:14:31
1.   das411
Ozzie Guillen needs to solve this problem ASAP!!

(because we all know after yesterday, he's got some free time to devote to it...)

2008-10-07 15:48:38
2.   standuptriple
That's funny, the Cuban team doesn't complain at all. Oh. Right. (strokes invisible beard)
2008-10-07 16:10:59
3.   Bob Timmermann
The Cubans complained a lot last year. But it was mostly about getting paid by the organizers.

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