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Say it ain't so Cory, say it ain't so
2008-10-09 12:23
by Bob Timmermann

Former major leaguer Cory Bailey and two other Taiwanese players were suspended by the Chinese Professional Baseball League for possible game fixing, according to a Taipei Times report.

The scandal erupted on Wednesday when prosecutors detained six T-Rex members — including the manager and coach — and four bookies for allegedly fixing 10 matches since March.

The Banciao Prosecutors’ Office said T-Rex executive director Shih Chien-hsin (施建新) has confessed to using a gangster ring to run the team and fix matches.

Bailey was released on NT$100,000 bail and catcher Chen Ker-fan (陳克帆) and central outfielder Chen Yuan-chia (陳元甲) were released on NT$50,000 bail yesterday each. All three were suspended indefinitely by the team.

Prosecutors have also filed a request to detain alleged gangsters Lin Bing-wen (林秉文), Lin Ting-yu (林霆祐), Lin Chia-ching (林家慶), Lin Ching-chang (林慶昌), as well as dmedia spokesman Kuo Teh-chih (郭德志) and assistant manager Wu Chao-hui (吳昭輝).

Pro baseball in Taiwan has had numerous problems with gamblers influencing the outcomes of games and even going as far to kidnap and threaten players before games.

2008-10-09 12:38:03
1.   old dodger fan
There are about 32 NT to the $ so bail was just over $3,000. I hope he made enough on the games to pay it.

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