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Game 6 Open Thread: Boston vs. Tampa Bay, 5:07 pm PT
2008-10-18 16:00
by Bob Timmermann

Once more? With feeling? We shall see. James Shields starts on the mound for the Rays and the remnants of Josh Beckett starts for the Sox. Or will that be the case?

Here's the history of teams in the postseason facing a 3-2 deficit on the road in a 7-game series (1906, 1918, and 1923 weren't included because they weren't played in a 2-3-2 format. 1944 was played in a 2-3-2 format, but all the games were in the same park.):

  • 1911 - Philadelphia routs New York, 13-2 to win a World Series that took 13 days to play.
  • 1912 - Giants beat the Red Sox 11-4 in Game 7 (there was a tie in Game 2), but lose 3-2 in 10 innings in Game 8.
  • 1926 - Cardinals beat the Yankees 10-2 and then hold on for 3-2 win in Game 7 at Yankee Stadium.
  • 1930 - A's beat the Cardinals 7-2 to win the World Series.
  • 1934 - Cardinals win at Detroit 4-3 and then rout the Tigers 11-0 in Game 7.
  • 1935 - Tigers beat the Cubs 4-3 in the ninth inning of Game 6 to win its first championship.
  • 1936 - Yankees clinch championship with 13-5 win over the Giants at the Polo Grounds.
  • 1945 - The Tigers win Game 6 at Wrigley Field over the Cubs 8-7 in 12 innings, but lose in Game 7 9-3. That series was played in a 3-4 format because of wartime travel restrictions.
  • 1947 - The Dodgers win Game 6 at Yankee Stadium 8-6, but lost Game 7, 5-2.
  • 1951 - The Yankees close out the Giants at Yankee Stadium, 4-3.
  • 1952 - The Yankees beat the Dodgers at Ebbets Field in Game 6, 3-2. In Game 7, the Yankees beat the Dodgers again, this time by a 4-2 score.
  • 1953 - The Yankees score twice in the bottom of the ninth to eliminate the Dodgers with a 4-3 win at home.
  • 1955 - The Yankees force a Game 7 with a 5-1 win in Game 6, but the Dodgers win their first World Series with a 2-0 win the next day.
  • 1957 - The Yankees force Game 7 with a 3-2 win over the Braves, but Milwaukee takes Game 7 with a 5-0 win.
  • 1958 - The Yankees get revenge with a 4-3 win in 10 innings in Game 6 and then a 6-2 win in Game 7.
  • 1960 - The Yankees rout Pittsburgh at Forbes Field 12-0 in Game 6. Game 7 doesn't go as well for the Yankees.
  • 1964 - The Yankees (they show up a lot in the list don't they?) beat the Cardinals at Busch Stadium 8-3, but run into Bob Gibson in Game 7 and lose 7-5.
  • 1968 - The Tigers use a 10-run third to beat the Cardinals 13-2 in Game 6 and then the Cardinals make a series of crucial miscues to let the Tigers win 4-1 in Game 7.
  • 1972 - The Reds pound Oakland 8-1 in Game 6, but the A's win Game 7, 3-2.
  • 1977 - The Dodgers face the Yankee and Reggie Jackson in Game 6. It doesn't end well for the Dodgers. The Yankees win 8-4.
  • 1979 - Pittsburgh shuts out Baltimore, 4-0, in Game 6 and then wraps up the series with a 4-1 win in Game 7.
  • 1985 - The Royals travel to Exhibition Stadium and win Game 6 of the ALCS, 5-3. In Game 7, the Royals win again, 6-2.
  • 1990 - The Pirates get just one hit in Game 6 of the NLCS at Riverfront Stadium and lose, 2-1.
  • 1991 - Atlanta wins 1-0 at Three Rivers Stadium in Game 6 and 4-0 in Game 7 of the NLCS.
  • 1995 - The Indians get just one hit in Game 6 at Fulton County Stadium as the Braves win the World Series in six games with a 1-0 win.
  • 1996 - The Braves, after dropping three straight to the Yankees in Atlanta, drop Game 6 at Yankee Stadium, 3-2.
  • 1997 - The Indians stay alive in Game 6 with a 4-1 win, but can't hold the lead in the ninth inning of Game 7 and lose in 11 innings, 3-2 to Florida.
  • 1998 - Cleveland comes to Yankee Stadium for Game 6 trying to prolong the ALCS, but the Yankees win, 9-5.
  • 1999 - The Mets force the Braves into extra innings in Game 6, but lose in 11 innings, 10-9 to lose the NLCS.
  • 2000 - The Yankees finally polish off the Mariners with a 9-7 win at Yankee Stadium in Game 6.
  • 2003 - Bad things happen to the Cubs in Game 6 at home against the Marlins in the NLCS and Florida wins 8-3. The Marlins win the next day, 9-6. Boston wins Game 6 at Yankee Stadium by a 9-6 margin, but lose Game 7 in 11 innings, 6-5.
  • 2004 - The Red Sox come all the way back from a 3-0 deficit to win Game 6, 4-2, and Game 7, 10-3, at Yankee Stadium.


Comments (158)
Show/Hide Comments 1-50
2008-10-18 17:00:22
1.   Marty
After the last game, I'm actually tempted to root for the Sox.
2008-10-18 17:03:30
2.   Bote Man
Can somebody 'splain to me why TBS has Dick Clark with America's Stupidest Videos instead of the baseball game that is scheduled on the DirecTV programming guide???
2008-10-18 17:06:05
3.   Humma Kavula
Technical difficulties?

What sort of technical difficulties?

2008-10-18 17:06:34
4.   fordprefect
"technical difficulties" =Fox sabotage?
2008-10-18 17:09:13
5.   Marty
I'll trade you Dick Clark for the Steve Harvey I'm getting.
2008-10-18 17:10:15
6.   subclub
Yeah, now we're into Steve Harvey. Ummm, anyone got any ideas? I saw them doing the pregame show about half an hour on TBS.
2008-10-18 17:11:32
7.   subclub shows the game in progress
2008-10-18 17:13:02
8.   Humma Kavula
Coco Crisp: bunt single...

Coco Crisp: picked off first...

Steve Harvey: rapidly approaching dangerously unfunny.

2008-10-18 17:13:14
9.   The Mootz
How can I ignore the Frank TV ads if TBS doesn't even broadcast the game?
2008-10-18 17:15:10
10.   LogikReader
Welp, they're not waiting around for TBS... the game is already underway on radio.
2008-10-18 17:16:19
11.   Humma Kavula
Pedroia popped out to third.
2008-10-18 17:16:25
12.   LogikReader
Good lord! This is making "the Heidi game" look like a minor glitch.
2008-10-18 17:16:29
13.   fordprefect
way past that now.
2008-10-18 17:17:16
14.   Humma Kavula
I seriously hope that we find out what the technical difficulties are and which middle-management TBS staffer is losing his job over this.
2008-10-18 17:17:23
15.   Sam DC
Is it like this in Boston too?
2008-10-18 17:17:29
16.   Bob Timmermann
This is God's way of telling me it was OK to go out tonight and miss this game.
2008-10-18 17:18:13
17.   Humma Kavula
Papi Ks.
2008-10-18 17:18:40
18.   Marty
They should just start re-playing the last game to totally confuse everyone.
2008-10-18 17:19:03
19.   bablue
This is crazy! When will they fiz this? I don't really understand how you could not broadcast the game...
2008-10-18 17:20:24
20.   Humma Kavula
It is a given that advertisements cannot receive the Humma Kavula Seal of Approval. Instead, we offer the Humma Kavula Seal of Grudging Acceptance. This is the highest honor that an adverstisment can receive, and the Smirnoff/Bond tie-in ad receives it.
2008-10-18 17:20:31
21.   Marty
I'd rather watch Frank TV ads than Billy Mays ads.
2008-10-18 17:21:40
22.   D4P
2008-10-18 17:23:31
23.   fordprefect
Go ahead! Go out tonight! Don't worry about the game! I'll take care of that!

--your favorite deity

2008-10-18 17:23:34
24.   The Mootz discussion board suggests this is a nationwide problem. One of the posters said, "Totally Broke Station."
2008-10-18 17:24:21
25.   Bob Timmermann
ST. PETERSBURG, Fla. (AP)—TBS had technical difficulties and was not able to televise the start of Game 6 of the American League championship series between Boston and Tampa Bay.

TBS spokesman Jeff Pomeroy did not immediately return a telephone call from The Associated Press seeking comment.

2008-10-18 17:24:57
26.   Bob Timmermann
2008-10-18 17:26:34
27.   fordprefect
getting the story straight.
2008-10-18 17:27:02
28.   Humma Kavula
Jeff Pomeroy (Turner Sports) 404-827-4786
2008-10-18 17:27:45
29.   Marty
I blame Gov. LePetomaine
2008-10-18 17:28:43
30.   Humma Kavula
There we go!
2008-10-18 17:29:45
31.   bablue
2008-10-18 17:31:28
32.   Humma Kavula
So how detailed are the ground rules for this dome? Say a batter hits a HIIIIIGH popup over the pitcher's mound. Hits the ceiling. Is that a home run?
2008-10-18 17:32:18
33.   Bob Timmermann
2008-10-18 17:33:59
34.   D4P
A batted ball that hits a catwalk, lights or suspended objects in fair territory shall be judged fair of foul...


2008-10-18 17:35:11
35.   D4P
Must be a luxury to have Jayson Bay batting 6th in your lineup.
2008-10-18 17:36:05
36.   Marty
Drew sure is gutless.
2008-10-18 17:36:24
37.   Bob Timmermann
The luxury of Jason Bay batting sixth is counterbalanced by the presence of Jason Varitek batting anywhere in the lineup.
2008-10-18 17:38:41
38.   D4P
Jason Varitek has managed a .200 OPS in this series, despite a .000 BA.
2008-10-18 17:42:16
39.   Bob Timmermann
Varitek's soothing nature has obviously kept the Boston starting staff so sharp in this series.
2008-10-18 17:43:21
40.   Bob Timmermann
A spokesman for the Rays said that TBS had "router problems."
2008-10-18 17:44:46
41.   Marty
Tonight's playoff menu is beef stroganoff with brussels sprouts. And a nice Zinfandel.
2008-10-18 17:49:42
42.   Humma Kavula
41 Chicken-apple sausage and peppers over pasta. And Newcastle Brown.
2008-10-18 17:59:07
43.   Frip
"Mr, Execution" There's no ring to that at all.
2008-10-18 18:03:27
44.   Bote Man
41 Home-made pizza with chicken, caramelized onions and gouda, Hawaiian stuff, and basil with tomato.

The Rays are just making this interesting so that they can win it with a walk-off homer.

2008-10-18 18:09:18
45.   das411
Why has nobody on Tampa thrown up and in on any of the Sox?? It's an AL ballgame, the pitchers won't have to hit, so start knocking down Youkilis and Pedroia!!
2008-10-18 18:11:35
46.   Woden325
41 A nice gin martini. And a turkey sandwich.
2008-10-18 18:18:37
47.   Humma Kavula
46 You ever have a Vesper - James Bond's martini?

3 oz gin
1 oz vodka
1/2 oz lillet blanc

2008-10-18 18:24:03
48.   Woden325
47 Not yet. I never remember to buy vodka -- gin's more my speed.
This one is a fairly wet martini: 3oz gin, 1.5 ounces or so of Noilly Prat vermouth, and 3 dashes of Fee Bros Orange bitters.
2008-10-18 18:24:04
49.   fordprefect

brown-rice pasta salad w/basil, tomato, chorizo, olive, caper, chickpea, olive oil and pineapple vinegar--the basic kitchen-sink meal as we call it. Chased with Pellegrino.

-too bad about Cousins....

2008-10-18 18:25:47
50.   Bote Man
48 I'm told that most people point to the bottle of vermouth and that just about does it when making their martinis.
Show/Hide Comments 51-100
2008-10-18 18:25:59
51.   fordprefect
-Oh, and the occasional Milagro Silver chaser, straight.
2008-10-18 18:27:43
52.   Woden325
I don't have TBS here. What happened on the field?
2008-10-18 18:27:50
53.   Humma Kavula
48 That's the way to do it. I looked all over for Fee Brothers bitters until I found them at Surfa's.
2008-10-18 18:29:21
54.   Woden325
53 My liquor store of choice carries it all the time. Angostura bitters are just too dang astringent.
2008-10-18 18:29:29
55.   fordprefect
Looks like Cousins' collarbone got cracked.
2008-10-18 18:30:13
56.   Frip
I'm thinking I can get by on the granola serial I had around 4:30.

Never underestimate the human capacity for self delusion.

I'm predicting a Macho Taco attack around 8:30.

2008-10-18 18:31:56
57.   Woden325
55 Thanks. I hope he'll be OK.
2008-10-18 18:32:54
58.   Humma Kavula
50 It might be true that most people do that, but if it is, then most people are drinking straight gin and not martinis. A martini depends upon a very healthy amount of vermouth and bitters.
2008-10-18 18:33:29
59.   underdog
45 It would definitely be an interesting strategy if someone on the Rays had thrown up on the Sox. I like that idea. First, they should have a pie-eating contest between innings, though.
2008-10-18 18:35:20
60.   fordprefect
Not a hot-dog eating contest (considering it's a ballpark & all)?
2008-10-18 18:36:54
61.   Woden325
58 Very true. Straight chilled gin or vodka isn't all that interesting. The vermouth and bitters do all the magic.
Now, HK, here's a question: Twist, Olive, or Onion?
2008-10-18 18:38:04
62.   Humma Kavula
59 From the racks and stacks, it's the best on wax! How 'bout another double-golden-oldie-twin-spin-sound-sandwich from K-L-A-M in Portland?
2008-10-18 18:38:54
63.   Humma Kavula
61 Olive. I can't help it.
2008-10-18 18:39:07
64.   Woden325
The guys at WHNZ are all offended that there's to alternate umpire on the left-field line.
Never mind that through the whole regular season we do just fine with only 4 umpires.
2008-10-18 18:40:09
65.   Woden325
63 Truly a man after my own heart. Although a twist is nice for a change of pace.
2008-10-18 18:40:16
66.   underdog
60 Oh good call. I don't know why but I was channeling "Stand By Me" for a second.
2008-10-18 18:45:05
67.   Bote Man
61 Admittedly, I used the "wrong" kind of vermouth the first time I made a martini, so I was scarred at that point.

Who thinks Shields is/was getting squeezed vs. he is just not sharp tonight?

2008-10-18 18:47:53
68.   fordprefect
reference please?

unless I miss my guess that's

Wonderful WINO!!!!!!!!!!!

2008-10-18 18:53:05
69.   Bote Man
"Big Game" James Shields has thrown 87 pitches upon his departure after the top 4th.
2008-10-18 19:05:48
70.   fordprefect
I have missed guesses on occasion....
2008-10-18 19:06:48
71.   das411
2008-10-18 19:09:21
72.   Humma Kavula
68 It's Stand By Me. The Bossman -- no, not that one. Bossman Bob Cormier.
2008-10-18 19:10:02
73.   das411
and does anybody know why Gabe Gross is in any of these games instead of Rocco or Hinske or JtD or anybody who can actually play baseball?
2008-10-18 19:13:02
74.   Frip
I hate how sports writers/broadcasters can make predictions, and when they end up being wrong, all they have to say is one team choked. As I'm sure they'll do if Boston wins this series.
2008-10-18 19:13:42
75.   Humma Kavula
Even for a busted hit-and-run, that play was not close.
2008-10-18 19:15:57
76.   Humma Kavula
Let's see if anybody comments on the fact that the effort to "manufacture a run" cost TB at least one run.
2008-10-18 19:16:04
77.   underdog
Well... that was unexpected!
2008-10-18 19:22:18
78.   Humma Kavula
Nice play, Iwamura!
2008-10-18 19:24:03
79.   das411
THAT was definitely a ball when that first umpire was in...but i think Shields will take it!
2008-10-18 19:25:00
80.   Humma Kavula
77 No. THAT was unexpected.
2008-10-18 19:25:03
81.   underdog
"Don't panic," says the announcer. Paging Ford Prefect!

And right on cue... yet another very unexpected home run.

I, uh, think Shields was left in too long.

2008-10-18 19:26:22
82.   underdog
Coco Crisp always makes me crave sugary cereal.
2008-10-18 19:26:29
83.   bhsportsguy
77 Outside of witnessing a 2 minute drill comeback at the Rose Bowl, Jason Varitek's home run is the most unexpected thing I have seen today.
2008-10-18 19:26:42
84.   LogikReader
When Varitek hits a home run, it's a very ominous sign for the Rays.
2008-10-18 19:26:53
85.   Humma Kavula
"Coco Crisp, showing something offensively." He hit it sixty feet six inches off the pitcher's foot!
2008-10-18 19:27:37
86.   Woden325
67 I think "just not sharp" is the correct choice.
Also the WHNZ guys should remember that they're supposed to be TB homers, not BOS homers.
2008-10-18 19:28:24
87.   Woden325
82 Would you say that you were cuckoo for sugary cereal?
2008-10-18 19:28:43
88.   D4P
I blame Bob for Varitek's HR.
2008-10-18 19:31:09
89.   Woden325
And now I've moved on to the beer portion of the festivities. Dogfish Head 60 Minute IPA. It's hoppier than Bugs Bunny on crack.
2008-10-18 19:31:29
90.   underdog
Bartlett, from hero to zero?
2008-10-18 19:32:00
91.   underdog
Uh oh, did someone trip over the cable again? Did Fry spill his coke on the switchboard?
2008-10-18 19:32:03
92.   Alex41592
That was Jason Varitek's first HR batting left handed since August 19th.
2008-10-18 19:33:29
93.   underdog
Argh. A pox on the Rays' bullpen this week.
2008-10-18 19:33:52
94.   trainwreck
What in the world did Red Sox nation sacrifice to the Baseball Gods?
2008-10-18 19:33:59
95.   Humma Kavula
This just in: David Ortiz is good at baseball. We repeat: Papi, good at baseball.

Film at eleven.

2008-10-18 19:34:01
96.   das411
...why was David Price not in this game to start this inning?
2008-10-18 19:34:10
97.   Woden325
91 If we hear from Lrrr or Ndnd in about 1000 years, we'll know.
2008-10-18 19:34:37
98.   underdog
Although that was a good piece of hitting and the error wasn't pitcher's fault either.

okay, dinner time. Someone alert me if a Rays comeback is in order. Just yell really loudly.

2008-10-18 19:36:08
99.   underdog
97 Heh. I doubt baseball is all that popular on Omicron Persei 8. Maybe blurnsball, though.
2008-10-18 19:40:41
100.   bhsportsguy
94 Explain to me 3 Forcier runs in one series of plays.
Show/Hide Comments 101-150
2008-10-18 19:59:24
101.   fordprefect
I believe Maddon is now panicking.....

Just a game late.

2008-10-18 20:04:07
102.   Woden325
Trapped Ball!
2008-10-18 20:04:17
103.   Woden325
Trapped Ball!
2008-10-18 20:04:28
104.   Woden325
Double Post!
2008-10-18 20:06:06
105.   Humma Kavula
I drank a Vesper after our conversation earlier.

That drink is like being punched by an iron fist in a velvet glove. I feel really good right now.

2008-10-18 20:14:09
106.   Woden325
105 I may just have to give it a spin.
The Esquire version:
2008-10-18 20:17:58
107.   das411
does anybody here know how many Octobers there are?
2008-10-18 20:18:32
108.   Marty
I decided to mix in shitake mushrooms along with the normal crimini for the stroganoff. I'm very happy with the result.
2008-10-18 20:18:59
109.   Woden325
There was only one Roctober. I know that much.
2008-10-18 20:20:48
110.   Woden325
108 That sounds good. The game's been disappointing , but the food and drink discussion has been interesting.
2008-10-18 20:22:35
111.   trainwreck
Rick went Dorrell.
2008-10-18 20:24:41
112.   fordprefect
Or like a large gold brick wrapped in a lemon peel?
2008-10-18 20:28:18
113.   spudrph
112 A Pan Galactic Gargle Blaster reference!

I love you guys!

2008-10-18 20:31:14
114.   spudrph
It's time for Ruff Ruffman's favorite pitcher, Justin Masterson.
2008-10-18 20:32:13
115.   fordprefect
that's just the Ol' Janx Spirit talking.
2008-10-18 20:35:17
116.   Woden325
That ol' janx spirit that you weave so well.
2008-10-18 20:35:44
117.   fordprefect
I'm beginning to think the baseball gods have reconsidered the advisability of a World Series being played in a venue with catwalks.
2008-10-18 20:38:35
118.   fordprefect
And why did B.J. Upton think it was better to acronymize his first two names?
2008-10-18 20:40:10
119.   Humma Kavula
He acronymized his nickname! B.J. stands for Bossman Junior! That is the most awesome awesome that ever awesomed.
2008-10-18 20:41:08
120.   Humma Kavula
Wait, he didn't acronymize anything. He initialized it. Never mind.
2008-10-18 20:45:53
121.   Humma Kavula
116 I love it in THE NUTTY PROFESSOR when Jerry Lewis impersonates Dean Martin and sings that song. The introduction of Buddy Love is one of the top ten film character entrances of all time.

#1: Harry Lime.

2008-10-18 20:48:49
122.   fordprefect
#2: Indiana Jones
2008-10-18 20:51:39
123.   Humma Kavula
122 No, #2 is Sherif Ali (Omar Sharif) in Lawrence of Arabia.
2008-10-18 20:51:50
124.   Woden325
#3 Khan.
2008-10-18 20:53:44
125.   fordprefect
2008-10-18 20:55:34
126.   fordprefect
I really wouldn't want to be Joe Maddon now. Or anytime.
2008-10-18 20:55:34
127.   Humma Kavula
Besides, it isn't the introduction of Indiana Jones that is the great selling point on that character.

The moment that you say you'll follow him anywhere is when he nonchalantly shoots the sword-wielding Arab. THAT, and not his entrance, tells ya everything ya need to know about Indy.

I will accept Khan on the list.

2008-10-18 20:57:07
128.   fordprefect
Yep, wouldn't want to be Maddon now.
2008-10-18 20:58:09
129.   fordprefect
127 We had been discussing character intros, no?
2008-10-18 20:58:21
130.   Humma Kavula
Maddon, sure. But it's easy not to be Maddon.

The question is Garza. Do you wish you were Garza, or are you glad you're not Garza?

2008-10-18 20:58:25
131.   Woden325
This game was highly disappointing.
2008-10-18 21:00:45
132.   fordprefect
Which is why we were discussing just about anything else, no?
2008-10-18 21:00:47
133.   Woden325
129 The character's intro in the movie. In Indiana Jones, I think the biggest entrance is Major Toht's entrance at Marion's bar.
2008-10-18 21:01:44
134.   das411
agreed Woden, and will the next game thread actually have people talking about the game?
2008-10-18 21:02:30
135.   Woden325
129 The big entrance in Raiders of the Lost Ark has to be Major Toht's. "We are (chuckle) not thirsty..."
2008-10-18 21:02:35
136.   fordprefect
but not this thread.
2008-10-18 21:03:43
137.   Woden325
134 If it proves worthy.

/Sorry for double posts. Booze and the toaster are a dangerous mix.

2008-10-18 21:07:30
138.   underdog
Any movie character entrances discussion has to also include:


Kurtz in "Apocalypse Now"

and (underrated) Henry Fonda's terrifying Frank in "Once Upon a Time in the West."

"What about this one, Frank?"

2008-10-18 21:07:57
139.   underdog
Oh, and {shakes fist}... Rays! Jerks.
2008-10-18 21:09:37
140.   Humma Kavula
138 I accept those as well.


Norma Desmond in Sunset Blvd.

2008-10-18 21:10:40
141.   Marty
Great character intros:

Daniel Day Lewis in There Will be Blood
Don Cheadle in Devil in a Blue Dress
Michael Keaton in Beetlejuice
Walter Huston in The Treasure of the Sierra Madre
Orson Welles in The Third Man

2008-10-18 21:12:05
142.   fordprefect
With you on that. The mere mention of Frank makes me cringe.

And the mere mention of Frahnk (Martin Short in Father of the Bride)

2008-10-18 21:12:12
143.   Marty
Also, George C. Scott and Slim Pickens in Dr. Strangelove.
2008-10-18 21:13:13
144.   Humma Kavula
143 George C. Scott

"Start your countdown... and I'll be back before you can say.... bllllllast off!"

2008-10-18 21:13:55
145.   Humma Kavula

Burt Lancaster in The Sweet Smell of Success.

Maybe not on the Top 10 list, but really great.

2008-10-18 21:15:58
146.   Woden325
Blofeld in You Only Live Twice.
Brando in The Godfather.
2008-10-18 21:19:06
147.   underdog
All good answers.

And another personal favorite -- Rufus T Firefly (Groucho) in Duck Soup:

(about five minutes in)

2008-10-18 21:19:17
148.   Humma Kavula
143 Actually, my favorite character in Dr. Strangelove is President Merkin Muffley.

Of course I like you, Dmitiri! (I think he's drunk!)

2008-10-18 21:20:40
149.   Woden325
Ooh! Charles Calthrop (the real one) in Day of the Jackal.
2008-10-18 21:21:36
150.   underdog
141 Don Cheadle in Devil in a Blue Dress

One of the better actor introductions in memory (at least to me), too.

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2008-10-18 21:25:03
151.   Marty
146 That gets into great opening scenes. I'm fond of the opening scenes in:

The Godfather
Miller's Crossing
Butch Cassidy
Punch Drunk Love
There Will Be Blood
Boogie Nights (As you can see, I'm a P.T. Anderson fan)
The Wild Bunch

2008-10-18 21:31:17
152.   skybluestoday
I think that the opening scene in "The Wild Bunch" cannot be topped. God bless that gosh-darned Sam Peckinpah!

"If they move, kill 'em."

(Intense Jerry Fielding minor chord.)

2008-10-18 21:41:07
153.   bhsportsguy
John Wayne in "Stagecoach"
2008-10-18 21:42:31
154.   bhsportsguy
151 My nieces would add "The Sound of Music"
2008-10-18 21:54:10
155.   Marty
Well, I've never seen The Sound of Music, so it can't be on my list.
2008-10-18 21:55:03
156.   Humma Kavula
151 Opening scenes?

NOW, Ford, is your cue.

Raiders has one of the great opening scenes.

2008-10-18 21:56:59
157.   Humma Kavula
155 Fact: The Sound of Music was, once upon a time, the most commercially successful film ever made.

I love the opening scene of The Sound of Music.

2008-10-18 22:05:41
158.   Marty
152 The opening of The Getaway is nearly as good. That is one of my favorite movies, yet it has maybe the worst acting job of all time in Ali McGraw.

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