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World Series Game 1 Chat: NL guys vs AL guys, 5:35 pm PT
2008-10-22 16:00
by Bob Timmermann

From scenic Tropicana Field:

It's the AL Champion Tampa Bay Rays:

And the NL Champion Philadelphia Phillies:

The Phillies don't seem to have a song as "catchy" as "Feel the Heat, Rays." So that's one thing in favor for them.

In 1950, the Phillies used this song.

Today's lineups


  1. Rollins SS
  2. Werth RF
  3. Utley 2B
  4. Howard 1B
  5. Burrell LF
  6. Victorino CF
  7. Feliz 3B
  8. Coste DH
  9. Ruiz C

Hamels SP



  1. Iwamura 2B
  2. Upton CF
  3. Pena 1B
  4. Longoria 3B
  5. Crawford LF
  6. Aybar DH
  7. Navarro C
  8. Zobrist RF
  9. Bartlett SS

Kazmir SP


Comments (118)
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2008-10-22 17:15:27
1.   Andrew Shimmin
Starting lineups. Sounds like the Tampans aren't sufficiently schooled in the ways of baseball to know that they're supposed to boo the away team.
2008-10-22 17:17:55
2.   Humma Kavula
I am rooting for you, Rays, but I have two words for you:

Less Cowbell.

Thanks to you, I have a fever -- well, not so much a fever as a headache -- and the only cure is Tylenol and less cowbell.

2008-10-22 17:18:21
3.   Marty
The Tampa Bay Tampans would be a great Simpson's team name.
2008-10-22 17:18:48
4.   Bluebleeder87
a little bird told me the Rays are gonna spank the Phils & Hamels today.
2008-10-22 17:18:55
5.   vockins
How hard would it be to get The Stylistics or The Delfonics to do a song for the Phillies? Raise the bar a little bit, you know?

I guess the Rays could get Deicide or Morbid Angel to do a theme song, but the appeal would probably be limited.

2008-10-22 17:19:44
6.   Andrew Shimmin
Oh c'mon!
2008-10-22 17:20:14
7.   Bluebleeder87
is that the best Tampa Bay can produce?? "The Backstreet Boys"

oh joy...

2008-10-22 17:20:34
8.   Humma Kavula
"And now, to honor America, please rise and remove your caps as the U.S. Army's 101st infantry terminates, with extreme prejudice, the Backstreet Boys."
2008-10-22 17:20:52
9.   trainwreck
May be the first time I have seen an act booed before they began singing the National Anthem.
2008-10-22 17:20:56
10.   vockins
I'd definitely rather be watching Morbid Angel doing the national anthem, that's for sure.
2008-10-22 17:22:53
11.   Andrew Shimmin
Proof positive that no matter how much you hate Bud Selig, he hates you more.
2008-10-22 17:27:28
12.   Marty
What are the keys to the game Tim?

For the Rays, One and done doesn't get it done.

For the Phillies, Don't stroke out, then strike out.

2008-10-22 17:29:03
13.   Bob Timmermann
I have thought that MLB books the anthem singers ahead of time. They may make exceptions when the Yankees play because they have a bigger pool of candidates available.
2008-10-22 17:29:42
14.   Eric Stephen
That was one of the worst lyrically correct anthems ever.
2008-10-22 17:38:24
15.   Sam DC
I don't know how in good conscience they still hold on to they "Boys" moniker.
2008-10-22 17:38:40
16.   Sam DC
2008-10-22 17:38:41
17.   PDH5204
8 They're going to terminate you with extreme prejudice if you don't get the name right. 101st Airborne Division. Screaming Eagles. That said, Go Rays!
2008-10-22 17:39:24
18.   dianagramr

It would get mispronounced .... a lot ....

Let's go Tam-pons ....!

2008-10-22 17:40:40
19.   dianagramr

How about merging them with the "MotownPhilly" group and call them Backstreet Boyz II Men

2008-10-22 17:41:28
20.   Eric Stephen
Former Dodgers 2008 WS OBP: 1.000
2008-10-22 17:41:39
21.   dianagramr
Are the Tampa Bay Rays really in the World Series?
2008-10-22 17:42:24
22.   Eric Stephen
2008-10-22 17:44:48
23.   Humma Kavula
17 My most humble and abject apologies to the Screaming Eagles.
2008-10-22 17:45:18
24.   dianagramr
so much for that shift ...
2008-10-22 17:45:21
25.   Humma Kavula
2008-10-22 17:47:46
26.   trainwreck
Sigh...more Rocky music.
2008-10-22 17:47:48
27.   Eric Stephen
Tampa Bay sports history:

Bucs 1st playoff opponent: Philadelphia Eagles
Lightning 1st playoff opponent: Philadelphia Flyers
Rays 1st WS opponent: Philadelphia Phillies

2008-10-22 17:50:29
28.   dianagramr
The Rays batting order introduction is right out of the Little League World Series ... I'm surprised they each didn't mention their favorite player. :-)
2008-10-22 17:51:59
29.   Eric Stephen
That one's on Cole.
2008-10-22 17:52:51
30.   dianagramr

looks like they were auditioning for "Dancing with the Stars"

2008-10-22 17:54:15
31.   trainwreck
How come Fox could not get the same camera angle TBS had last series?
2008-10-22 17:55:34
32.   Eric Stephen
The TBS camera angle didn't allow for super extreme Inside Pores® closeups.
2008-10-22 17:56:24
33.   Sam DC
Bittersweet: I've been overdue on laundry but finally caught up. I'm folding now, and have a nice little stack of all the Dodgers shirts I was wearing during the playoffs: (1) 3/4 sleeve plain old Dodgers T, (2) Dodger Thoughts thinker shirt, (3) Ghame Over, and (4) Charles Johnson #26 jersey-t (what about it?!?!!).

Better to have worn the shirts and lost I suppose than never to have . . .

2008-10-22 17:57:32
34.   Eric Stephen
Haha, I never realized Clark Griswold jumped into the pool with socks on!
2008-10-22 18:00:11
35.   trainwreck
I guess it is bad Scott Kazmir today.
2008-10-22 18:08:01
36.   Eric Stephen
Tomorrow's headline:

"Phils Rock The Kazmir in Clash With Rays"

2008-10-22 18:09:11
37.   Bluebleeder87
Very nice throw by Upton there man.
2008-10-22 18:09:16
38.   Eric Stephen
Nice throw!
2008-10-22 18:09:17
39.   trainwreck
Bossman junior.
2008-10-22 18:09:41
40.   Bluebleeder87
momentum shifter?
2008-10-22 18:11:58
41.   Bluebleeder87

you know what, for my taste, I like this particular camera angle.

2008-10-22 18:16:27
42.   Eric Stephen
Former Dodger OBP down to .667
2008-10-22 18:18:34
43.   bhsportsguy
Again, its pretty clear that the Phillies need Cole to win, the Rays are just hoping to win 2 of the first 5 games, then take it back to Cowbell heaven.
2008-10-22 18:19:54
44.   Bluebleeder87
i guess i under estimated Hamels SICK change... but I still think the Rays will get to 'em.
2008-10-22 18:20:46
45.   Eric Stephen
2008-10-22 18:22:06
46.   vockins
I think we need to get America's best and brightest working on how we can get those World Series patches on the hats bigger. I'm thinking we can manage three times bigger than the team logo by 2012 of everyone really works hard.
2008-10-22 18:25:36
47.   dianagramr
McCarver keeps calling him Cashmere ...
2008-10-22 18:25:51
48.   trainwreck
Those Subway Philly cheesesteaks are not working for Ryan Howard.
2008-10-22 18:26:20
49.   Bob Timmermann
Ben Zobrist is the first "Z" player to start a World Series game since Todd Zeile did in 2000.

The last Z to play was Joel Zumaya.

Prior to Messrs. Utley and Upton playing, the only other Us to have started a World Series game had been Juan Uribe and Jose Uribe.

2008-10-22 18:27:34
50.   Bluebleeder87
if anything Kazmir has looked shaky but he seems to be getting out of this jams. The Rays need to score some runs here.
Show/Hide Comments 51-100
2008-10-22 18:27:35
51.   Bob Timmermann
In 2012, the logos will feature Bill Plaschke's face as he will sponsor the World Series that year when it's played at Lake Buena Vista, Florida.
2008-10-22 18:31:08
52.   Eric Stephen
Former Dodger Phillies OBP: 1.000
Former Dodger Rays OBP: .000

Overall: .600

2008-10-22 18:32:31
53.   68elcamino427
It's Dodger Rays time
2008-10-22 18:39:25
54.   Eric Stephen
2 AB, 4 outs for Upton.

But that one was hit pretty hard.

2008-10-22 18:39:28
55.   Bluebleeder87
Golden appt missed.
2008-10-22 18:42:12
56.   Tripon
Upton is doing his best DeWitt impression.
2008-10-22 18:44:10
57.   68elcamino427
Philly Dodger is having a field day again.
2008-10-22 18:45:22
58.   Bob Timmermann
Upton is the first player to ground into 2 DPs in one World Series game since Derek Jeter in Game 4 of the 2003 World Series.

No player has gotten two GIDPs to start play in the World Series before. But in 1914 Game 1, Charlie Deal of the Braves went 6-4-3 DP in his first AB, then bunted into a popup 1-3 DP in his second AB, and in his third AB, he grounded into a 5-3 DP.

The Braves won the game anyway, 7-1. The A's turned a WS record 5 DPs in the game.

2008-10-22 18:47:39
59.   Eric Stephen
It's a miracle!
2008-10-22 18:47:52
60.   dianagramr

OK Bob .... how did you come up with that so quickly?

2008-10-22 18:48:37
61.   LogikReader

Bob dug up the stat and was probably waiting for someone to ground into two double plays so he could pounce!

2008-10-22 18:49:50
62.   Bob Timmermann
I love the GIDP!
2008-10-22 18:50:03
63.   trainwreck
Rollins must be hitting up Subway with Howard.
2008-10-22 18:53:20
64.   Bob Timmermann
Charlie Deal batted .210 in 1914 and had an OPS+ of 60. Red Smith, who had started at third base in place of deal after being acquired from the Dodgers and hit .314 with an OPS+ of 148, got hurt in the last regular season game of the year.
2008-10-22 18:57:55
65.   dianagramr
OK .... the Simpsons parodying the Peanuts Halloween classic ... THAT should be good.

(It BETTER be good)

2008-10-22 19:03:15
66.   Bob Timmermann
2008-10-22 19:09:58
67.   Gagne55
Burrell was not running in the baseline.
2008-10-22 19:10:07
68.   Eric Stephen
Shouldn't Burrell be out for running in the baseline?
2008-10-22 19:10:57
69.   Lee Corbett
66 As in, reads books for fun :)
2008-10-22 19:11:28
70.   Bob Timmermann
But Burrell didn't interfere with the throw.
2008-10-22 19:12:21
71.   Lee Corbett
68 he clearly deviated back in after going around the ball to shield the throw too. He should definitely be out.
2008-10-22 19:14:55
72.   Bob Timmermann
Nobody on Tampa Bay complained about the call, so I don't think anybody was too concerned.

Usually you only get that call if the throw hits the runner.

2008-10-22 19:25:36
73.   68elcamino427
Iwamura appears to be "in the zone".
2008-10-22 19:26:28
74.   Bob Timmermann
Free tacos!

No GIDP chance for Upton.

Four players had three GIDPs during the regular season, but it has never been done in the postseason.

Despite Charlie Deal's best efforts.

2008-10-22 19:27:24
75.   Bob Timmermann
The graphic about Graig Nettles is about having GIDPs in your first two WS AT BATS. Nettles started out GIDP, Sac Fly, GIDP.
2008-10-22 19:28:32
76.   LogikReader
Love those free tacos!

If only Joe Buck could show more enthusiasm for this game. Is that just how he talks or is does he really sound uninterested in the proceedings?

and a NICE play by Ryan Howard! Good catch.

2008-10-22 19:29:50
77.   Lee Corbett
Iwamura on fire

72 fair point

2008-10-22 19:30:45
78.   Bob Timmermann
Joe Buck will only get excited if Randy Moss is playing and pretends to drop his pants.
2008-10-22 19:32:43
79.   trainwreck
And completely misinterpret it.
2008-10-22 19:38:39
80.   trainwreck
I think America wants to hear more from the Taco Bell guy.
2008-10-22 19:41:18
81.   dianagramr
A Giambiesque manuever by Howard.
2008-10-22 19:41:38
82.   Bob Timmermann
You can look at it this way: you won't hear from the Taco Bell guy again.
2008-10-22 19:42:34
83.   Eric Stephen
That, like just about every move from a LHP, was a balk.
2008-10-22 19:44:26
84.   trainwreck
I guess no one ever throws a strike according to that zone.
2008-10-22 19:48:24
85.   trainwreck
So Jason Bartlett and JP Howell are the MVPs of the Rays?
2008-10-22 19:51:08
86.   Sam DC
And Cole Hamels is not a reader.
2008-10-22 19:52:37
87.   LogikReader
Another taco!!!

Don't we get another taco for a SB?

2008-10-22 19:52:43
88.   Bote Man
86 So is Hamels a writer or a rithmeticer?
2008-10-22 19:54:20
89.   LogikReader
Taco Bell says, only one free taco per game, BOO!!

Only one (1) Free Taco will be permitted per person, regardless of how many bases are stolen during the Games.


2008-10-22 19:55:32
90.   Bote Man
...and the free taco must be claimed between 10:01 and 10:02 a.m.
2008-10-22 20:03:40
91.   LogikReader
Actually, even more lame, I understand this means we get only one taco for the entire series. Now I feel ripped off.

-- but I will begrudgingly accept my one free taco (at multiple locations).

2008-10-22 20:03:43
92.   trainwreck
I think a fastball is coming.
2008-10-22 20:05:33
93.   LogikReader
2008-10-22 20:12:05
94.   Eric Stephen
For Tim McCarver, 8 innings = "exactly 7"
2008-10-22 20:14:52
95.   thelarmis
for joe buck: 102 pitches = "100 pitch night"
2008-10-22 20:38:43
96.   LogikReader
Conan inspired "Buddy-Boy" alert!
2008-10-22 20:39:08
97.   68elcamino427
Philly Dodger with the oppo double
2008-10-22 20:40:39
98.   El Lay Dave
If the Phils don't score in the ninth, a Ray takes Lidge deep in the same inning.
2008-10-22 20:50:07
99.   underdog
I have to say, watching the WS with TV muted is much more enjoyable.

Now if I only could find a computer program that creates a Vin Scully play by play for the game to go over it, I'd be set.

2008-10-22 20:51:47
100.   underdog
Am I seeing empty seats there at the JuiceDome, or what?
Show/Hide Comments 101-150
2008-10-22 20:52:33
101.   68elcamino427
Didn't Vin do a few WS for NBC back in the day?
2008-10-22 20:53:42
102.   Eric Stephen
I believe Vin did the 1984, 1986 & 1988 WS for NBC. That was back in the day when NBC & ABC alternated years, before CBS took over in 1990.
2008-10-22 20:54:54
103.   trainwreck
I saw a lady holding up a "Puck Fhilly" sign.
2008-10-22 20:55:33
104.   underdog
Yes, he did quite a few WS, as Eric notes. Alas, that was awhile back. I can certainly dig those up in the archives though, if I'm must jonesing for a Vin fix.

Okay, let's go Lidge, time to blow it for a change.

2008-10-22 20:55:45
105.   Eric Stephen
Per Wikipiedia, Vin also did the NLCS in 1983, 1985, 1987 & 1989 for NBC, and also did the World Series for CBS Radio from 1990-1997.
2008-10-22 20:56:36
106.   Eric Stephen
Tom Hallion the rapscallion! No swing.
2008-10-22 20:58:10
107.   underdog
Ugh. Welcome to our world of pain, Rays.
2008-10-22 20:59:22
108.   El Lay Dave
Wasn't Vin's call of Gibson's HR for NBC TV? With Jack Buck's from national radio? And Drysdale's for Dodger radio.

Hmmm, was there a call for Oakland A's radio? Wonder what that sounded like.

2008-10-22 21:01:43
109.   trainwreck
3-2 win in the first game of the series for the Phils.

Why do I get the feeling of de ja vu?

2008-10-22 21:02:28
110.   68elcamino427
Philly Dodgers beat the Dodger Rays in Game 1.
2008-10-22 21:03:13
111.   underdog
I think Tampa takes game 2. Then they split the next two in Philly. Then... I have no idea.
2008-10-22 21:04:04
112.   Eric Stephen
Hamels postseason career:

5 starts, 4-1, 35.2 IP, 2.02 ERA

2008-10-22 21:04:57
113.   El Lay Dave
Not even a fair ball. Hmmph.
2008-10-22 21:09:19
114.   underdog
112 Sigh, why couldn't that have been you, Chad. :-( Maybe for his next six...
2008-10-22 21:18:57
115.   Tripon
114 maybe next year we should start Kuroda in game one or two.
2008-10-22 21:27:47
116.   68elcamino427
I really enjoy listening to Vin broadcasting a game on the radio.
2008-10-22 21:32:44
117.   Bote Man
102 I have a LaserDisc (believe it!) of the 1986 World Series with Vin Scully calling the game on TV.

Yes, including the infamous roller by Preston's daddy.

2008-10-22 21:49:03
118.   El Lay Dave
117 If Mookie Wilson is Preston Mattingly's father, no wonder Don and the Mrs. had domestic problems!

"Little roller up along first . . . behind the bag! It gets through Buckner!"

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