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Game 2 World Series Open Thread: The Philadelphia Story vs. Metropolitan Area Without Film Named For It, 5:29 pm PT
2008-10-23 16:00
by Bob Timmermann

Last night, Chris Coste served as the DH for the Phillies and went 0 for 4 and became part of a long string of mostly inept National Leaguers in the DH spot in the World Series.

Although the DH was adopted in 1973, it was not used in the World Series until 1976. Cincinnati used Dan Driessen as the DH in all four games and Driessen did a good job, going 5 for 14, including a home run off of Dock Ellis of the Yankees in Game 3.  (Warning: potentially long and boring discussion that inolves Tom Goodwin after the jump.)

The next year for the DH was 1978 and the Dodgers tried Lee Lacy in three games, Rick Monday in two, and Vic Davalillo in Game 6. The Dodgers DHs combined for a 4 for 18 performance.

In 1980, Phillies manager Dallas Green hit upon the idea of using good hitters and poor fielders as his DHs and he happened to have three players on his roster who fit the bill: Greg Luzinski, Lonnie Smith, and Keith Moreland. Moreland was 4 for 12, but Luzinski and Smith did nothing as DHs.

Two years later, Cardinals manager Whitey Herzog used an effective platoon of Dane Iorg and Gene Tenace, along with some help from Steve Braun and Lonnie Smith and pinch running from David Green, to get some of the best use of the DH spot by any NL manager in the  World Series. The Cardinals DHs were 12 for 28.

Kurt Bevacqua of the Padres had what is arguably the greatest moment in San Diego Padres World Series history with a 3-run homer off of Dan Petry of the Tigers in Game 2 to give the Padres their only win of the series. Bevacqua would also homer in Game 5 and went 7 for 17 overall. Bevacqua parlayed these heroics along with a feud with Tommy Lasorda into a period of semi-celebrity.

In 1986, the current format where the DH is used only in the AL park was adopted. The Mets could get just two hits out of the combined efforts of Lee Mazzilli, Danny Heep, and Kevin Mitchell. Heep drive in two runs off of Oil Can Boyd in Game 3.

By 1987, when Whitey Herzog had another shot at the World Series with the Cardinals, he tried Tom Pagnozzi, Tony Pena, and Terry Pendleton, and they were 6 for 13.

The Dodgers still won the World Series in 1988 despite having Mike Davis, Danny Heep, and Dave Anderson as DHs. Davis homered in Game 5.

In the A's sweep of the Giants in 1989, Ernest Riles was hitless as the DH. The next year, Hal Morris of the Reds went hitless as the A's were swept.

Lonnie Smith cemented his status as the greatest NL postseason DH by playing all seven games in the position for the Braves in 1991 and 1992. Smith had just four hits in those games, but one was a grand slam in Game 5 of the 1992 Series in Toronto.

Philadelphia's next shot at the World Series, in 1993, saw Ricky Jordan and Mariano Duncan get DH duty. They had three hits combined.

In the Braves appearances in the World Series in 1995, 1996, and 1999, Bobby Cox tried Ryan Klesko, Mike Devereaux, Mike Mordecai, Terry Pendleton, Ozzie Guillen, Jose Hernandez, and Keith Lockhart. They combined for 10 hits in 12 games and Klesko hit two homers in 1995, the record for an NL DH in the World Series.

Florida's 1997 World Series saw Cliff Floyd (who should be DHing in Game 2 tonight), Jim Eisenreich, Kurt Abbot, Alex Arias, and Darren Daulton handle DH duty and they got six hits.

In 1998, the Padres second, even briefer, appearance in the World Series saw Jim Leyritz and Greg Vaughn as DHs. Neither got a hit.

Two years later, the Mets used Mike Piazza in Game 1 and he went 1 for 5. Lenny Harris was 0 for 4 in Game 2.

In 2001, Arizona used Erubiel Durazo to start all three games at Yankee Stadium and Danny Bautista also got an AB. Durazo had four hits.

Dusty Baker used the motliest crew of DHs ever in a World Series in 2002: Tsuyoshi Shinjo, Tom Goodwin, Shawon Dunston, and Pedro Feliz. It almost worked as Dunston got one of the Giants three hits by a DH and it was almost the game-winning homer in Game 6. Almost. No NL DH has homered since then.

That brought us up to 2003 when Jeff Conine was the Florida DH for all three of its games in Yankee Stadium and Conine had just one hit.

St. Lous gave Reggie Sanders, Marlon Anderson, and So Taguchi shots as DHs against Boston in 2004. 0 for 6.

Jeff Bagwell concluded his major league career as a starter as a DH for the Astros in Games 1 and 2 of the 2005 Series in Chicago. Bagwell had one hit and got hit by a pitch twice.

Given another chance, Tony La Russa used Chris Duncan, Preston Wilson, and Scott Spiezio as DHs in 2006. Duncan had an RBI double in Game 1 and that was it.

And who was the DH for Colorado last year? Why, none other than Ryan Spilborghs. He was 0 for 5 in two games and struck out in all three at bats in Game 2.

Tonight's lineups:


  • Rollins SS
  • Werth RF
  • Utley 2B
  • Howard 1B
  • Burrell LF
  • Victorino CF
  • Dobbs DH
  • Feliz 3B
  • Ruiz C

Myers SP


  • Iwamura 2B
  • Upton CF
  • Pena 1B
  • Longoria 3B
  • Crawford LF
  • Floyd DH
  • Navarro C
  • Baldelli RF
  • Bartlett SS

Shields SP

Comments (126)
Show/Hide Comments 1-50
2008-10-23 16:23:36
1.   Xeifrank
Via the simulator, tonight's Ray win probability is 63.06. AccuScore has it at 66% and Vegas has it

Chances of winning the W.S.
Situation: Current
Phillies: 53.22%
Rays: 46.78%

Situation: Phillies Win Game #2
Phillies: 74.85%
Rays: 25.15%

Situation: Rays Win Game #2
Phillies: 40.03%
Rays: 59.97%

A 34.82% swing in probabilities of winning the World Series on tonight's game.

vr, Xei

2008-10-23 16:23:41
2.   das411
Woah, something I never thought I'd see...a SHINJO sighting on the Griddle!

And why, dare I ask, did they not use it at all for three years and then only use the DH in alternating years until '86 Bob?

2008-10-23 16:25:15
3.   Xeifrank
um, Vegas has it at 62.41%.
vr, Xei
2008-10-23 16:30:04
4.   Bob Timmermann
Because the AL and NL were more autonomous at the time. And they liked to disagree.

I assume you had a happy birthday yesterday!

2008-10-23 16:45:38
5.   Eric Enders
"vs. Metropolitan Area Without Film Named For It"

Clearly Bob overlooked one of the classics.

2008-10-23 16:48:09
6.   das411
Is 5 a link to "The Rookie"??

and yes I did, thank you Bob! The only problem was realizing that the last time the Phils won a WS game I was only 1/3 of the age I am now....woah...

2008-10-23 16:58:18
7.   Bob Timmermann
I was told that there would be no algebra on this thread.
2008-10-23 17:05:05
8.   Eric Enders
The last time the Phillies won a World Series I was one-tenth the age I am now.
2008-10-23 17:12:03
9.   Bob Timmermann
I was 1/3 my current age the year the Phillies won the World Series.
2008-10-23 17:12:26
10.   trainwreck
I was a few years from being born.
2008-10-23 17:23:14
11.   bhsportsguy
I like how everyone says the last time the Phillies won the championship.
2008-10-23 17:25:17
12.   Bob Timmermann
The only starter for the Phillies today who was not alive when they won the World Series is Shane Victorino. He was born in November of 1980.
2008-10-23 17:25:30
13.   bhsportsguy
Its official.

2008-10-23 17:27:39
14.   Bob Timmermann
Kevin O'Neill is probably wondering what the heck happened.
2008-10-23 17:39:00
15.   bhsportsguy
14 Nate Purcell is not a happy camper.
2008-10-23 17:40:36
16.   trainwreck
I don't know. He's been laughing at the program recently. This probably made him laugh out loud.
2008-10-23 17:42:49
17.   trainwreck
Honestly, Arizona will be a better coached team with Dunlap.
2008-10-23 17:42:55
18.   dzzrtRatt
The existence of the DH gives the AL an advantage in every World Series.

It means they draft and develop, or trade for, an effective extra hitter and train him for that particular task. The AL team's best hitter is often its DH, while the NL often uses one of its worst hitters in that role, or makes a defensive substitution that adds a worse (than the AL) player to the lineup.

Is the AL edge nullified by the non-use of the DH in the NL park? I don't think so. The overall offensive capability of an American League team is better because of the DH. Whether the DH sits or another player sits while the DH takes the field, you've got a starting player available for pinch-hitting and double switches, while the NL manager has a bench comprised of one or two pinch-hit specialists and late-inning defensive replacements.

The presence or absence of that one little player changes the nature and strategy of a team. The amplitude of the adjustment is greater for the NL team than the AL.

It's not a solvable problem, unless both leagues adopt a consistent policy on the DH.

2008-10-23 17:48:48
19.   bhsportsguy
18 Tampa Bay's GM says that small market AL teams are at a disadvantage because they cannot afford to pay the going rate for a DH.
2008-10-23 17:50:01
20.   bhsportsguy
18 If the Dodgers were playing the Rays and it was Floyd/Aybar vs. Kent or Nomar, would that statement be true?
2008-10-23 17:50:33
21.   bhsportsguy
17 But this will affect their 2009 recruiting class.
2008-10-23 17:52:32
22.   bhsportsguy
How are both runs earned?
2008-10-23 17:54:43
23.   Humma Kavula
Question: did Sylvester Stallone base the vocal pattern for his performance as Rocky Balboa on Harry Kalas?
2008-10-23 17:55:59
24.   Tripon
22 Pena hit a ground ball to 2nd base allowing Inamura to score, and upton to 3rd, and then Longoria hit a grounder to SS, allowing Upton to score.
2008-10-23 17:58:05
25.   das411
18 , and what if the NL actually wins an all star game one of these years??

Hey Bob...whatever happened to World Series DH Damon Minor?

2008-10-23 18:00:40
26.   bhsportsguy
24 But didn't an error put the runners on 2nd and 3rd with no out.
2008-10-23 18:01:07
27.   trainwreck
Yes, it will and hopefully UCLA is the biggest benefactor of that.
2008-10-23 18:02:18
28.   Alex41592
26 - 1 ER for Myers. So if it was 2 ER it has been changed.
2008-10-23 18:02:32
29.   bhsportsguy
The Phillies should have let Brett Myers hit for himself.
2008-10-23 18:02:44
30.   das411
Woah this Shields kid can pitch, can't he?

11 , so you'd prefer we say "The first time the Phillies won the World Series"?

2008-10-23 18:05:20
31.   Gen3Blue
Wow--imagine having an outfield like Upton Crawford, and Rocco. Actually having Kemp Ethier, and Manny could be better!
2008-10-23 18:05:20
32.   Alex41592
Has an American League team elected to not use the DH before (postseason or regular)? Can they do that?
2008-10-23 18:08:13
33.   Lee Corbett
22 it's weird how they do that. If there is no error, Upton is on first and the first ground ball would score one run and there would be a GIPD probably. So the second does not score. But they can't assume GIDP can they? That's what I am thinking.
2008-10-23 18:08:56
34.   dzzrtRatt
20 Kent would have been starting over DeWitt if he wasn't injured. Nomar has been essentially a DH for two years, so you've got me there, but I don't think that was the strategy Ned had in mind when he re-signed him.

Floyd seems like the quintessential DH type. Aybar was quite a find for Tampa Bay. Where'd they dig that guy up? Some team must have a lot of depth in their farm system if they could let go of a hitter like that. ;)

2008-10-23 18:13:26
35.   Humma Kavula
34 The Braves?
2008-10-23 18:14:20
36.   bhsportsguy
11 or the only time. :)
2008-10-23 18:15:22
37.   Gen3Blue
18 I think I agree here.
2008-10-23 18:16:03
38.   Eric Stephen
I'd much rather by a TV based on a recommendation from Dauber from Coach.
2008-10-23 18:17:17
39.   Bob Timmermann
Fox is determined to make Panama and Venezuela the same country.
2008-10-23 18:18:17
40.   Eric Stephen
If only Van Halen sang about Venezuela.
2008-10-23 18:21:00
41.   Bob Timmermann
The thing is that in the last game, McCarver said Ruiz and Navarro were from the same country. And tonight Buck said it. You would think that somebody in the production truck would tell them the truth.

Or are Buck and McCarver like Billy Mumy's character in the "Twilight Zone?"

2008-10-23 18:21:39
42.   bhsportsguy
34 Actually, my question only related to if the Dodgers were playing the Rays this year in the World Series.
2008-10-23 18:25:00
43.   Eric Stephen
Wow, Tim McCarver is going old school with the stationary chair. He must not be into ergonomics.
2008-10-23 18:25:08
44.   trainwreck
I like the chair dichotomy.
2008-10-23 18:29:05
45.   bhsportsguy
44 Is Gaddy a one and done type player?
2008-10-23 18:32:39
46.   Eric Stephen
Milt Thompson kind of sounded like Doc Rivers there.
2008-10-23 18:34:05
47.   trainwreck
I believe I read more of a two-year guy, but could possibly go after one.
2008-10-23 18:35:05
48.   Bob Timmermann
So now the Phillies have a hit with a runner in scoring position.

Not that it helps much. I'd be curious as to what the worst record for that is in a 9 inning game.

2008-10-23 18:37:56
49.   das411
If Joe Morgan was calling this game, he would be talking about how much movement Shields has on his fastball.

...after rambling for about three innings about how good the '83 Phils were thanks to Tony Perez and (somehow) Dave Concepcion...

2008-10-23 18:38:28
50.   fordprefect
yes, um, whatever you say is right, Bob.
Show/Hide Comments 51-100
2008-10-23 18:41:37
51.   Eric Stephen
Both and list Ruiz from Panama and Navarro from Venezuela.

It's not like Bob just made that up. McCarver and Buck were wrong.

2008-10-23 18:42:16
52.   Eric Stephen
Morgan is calling this game, for ESPN Radio.
2008-10-23 18:45:41
53.   Gen3Blue
52 Thank god I don't know where to find that broadcast. So far I have made it through the postseason without being really depressed.
2008-10-23 18:46:53
54.   das411
welp my guess is plays like that are why the Rays brought in Cliff Floyd instead of Mr. Bonds...
2008-10-23 18:48:10
55.   Tripon
Myers is not a great pitcher.
2008-10-23 18:50:36
56.   bhsportsguy
55 But he hit well.
2008-10-23 18:51:21
57.   bhsportsguy
Hooray, they'll be baseball on Monday, which means Cole Hamels can win both games for the Phillies this year in the World Series.
2008-10-23 18:52:37
58.   Bob Timmermann
I think you missed the joke there, Eric.
2008-10-23 18:57:52
59.   Gen3Blue
Could fortune be turning the Rays way? Could the lowest payroll in the AL actually win it all. Could the baseball world turn to good prospects perhaps being a better way than worn out, post 30, free agents.

Nahhhh! not likely.

2008-10-23 18:58:10
60.   Bob Timmermann
Jayson Werth running the bases like the evil Matt Kemp.
2008-10-23 18:58:52
61.   Lee Corbett
Werth not having a day
2008-10-23 19:00:14
62.   Bob Timmermann
The Phillies aren't exactly a team full of old free agent signings either. Jamie Moyer tends to skew the mean age of the team though.
2008-10-23 19:00:37
63.   Gen3Blue
I think I'm passing the Buck.
2008-10-23 19:07:50
64.   bhsportsguy
59 The problem is that its hard to run a team with the Rays model unless you plan to suck for a couple of years.

Boston does to an extent like the Dodgers but it comes down to the guys you surround your young players with.

The Phillies have more guys that they drafted in their everyday lineup and they only one have one million dollar plus free agent signing (Feliz) playing regularly for them.

2008-10-23 19:21:08
65.   Gen3Blue
Reminds him of Gary Maddox. Believe it or not---he reminds me a little of Say Hey Willie.
2008-10-23 19:23:26
66.   El Lay Dave
Hey, a hit for the NL DH.
2008-10-23 19:24:28
67.   Gen3Blue
Bob and Bh, I really wasn't thinking that much about the Phillies, just the Rays path, and I'm not sure it isn't a lot of luck anyway.
2008-10-23 19:24:47
68.   Bob Timmermann
Matt Stairs hit one home run and now he's the savior of the Phillies?
2008-10-23 19:25:40
69.   Gagne55
Just another out with a runner in scoring position.
2008-10-23 19:29:04
70.   El Lay Dave
Is 1st and 3rd, two outs, top of the 6th, four run lead a high-enough leverage situation, to conclude that Joe Maddon is running a true bullpen-by-committee? Clearly he's not slavish to certain guys for certain innings only. (I realize Percival's injury plays a big part in this.)
2008-10-23 19:34:14
71.   El Lay Dave
Cue the "Quality Starts" complainers. Myers has one, Shields does not.
2008-10-23 19:37:25
72.   Bob Timmermann
I think Maddon also realizes that you have to use your bullpen a bit differently in the World Series.

Wheeler was almost used in "smokejumper" fashion.

I don't think Wheeler is as bad as people think. He pitched poorly in Game 5 against the Red Sox, but he also did a great job in Game 2.

And in the 2005 NLDS, he did a great job in the Game 4 marathon for the Astros against the Braves.

2008-10-23 19:39:12
73.   Bob Timmermann
OK, Wheeler, make me look like an idiot.
2008-10-23 19:46:52
74.   Bote Man
73 Join the ranks of some MLB managers.
2008-10-23 19:49:19
75.   El Lay Dave
Wheeler career: 1.273 WHIP, 112 ERA+, 473 IP, 154 BB, 423 K. Not bad.

Yes, smokejumper was kinda what I was thinking.

2008-10-23 19:52:36
76.   das411 now we see just how good you really are, Mr. Price!
2008-10-23 19:53:53
77.   El Lay Dave
With the DH, handling the bullpen is all about matchups, and you get to completely ignore inning boundaries since the pitcher isn't ever due up. Seems to me that means that mixing up your LH and RH batters becomes more important - so is Manuel making a mistake by not sandwiching Burrell between Utley and Howard?
2008-10-23 19:53:59
78.   bhsportsguy
76 Prediction.

1, 2, 3 strikes your out.

2008-10-23 19:56:05
79.   El Lay Dave
76 He's good.
2008-10-23 19:57:39
80.   bhsportsguy
78 Not that predicting Ryan Howard would strike out is that difficult.
2008-10-23 19:57:59
81.   das411
Yeah it seems David Price is as good as each new Vince Vaughn movie is bad. Hm.
2008-10-23 19:58:33
82.   bhsportsguy
81 But now you get all 3 games in Philly, hooray, hooray!
2008-10-23 20:00:37
83.   El Lay Dave
82 The Rays know a little something about counting chickens before they're hatched.
2008-10-23 20:01:36
84.   El Lay Dave
71 Myers has one ... so far.
2008-10-23 20:02:02
85.   das411
speaking of which, hey Bob, who was the last pitcher to get a CG loss in the Series, was it Big Al Leiter in 2000?
2008-10-23 20:03:00
86.   El Lay Dave
79 Perhaps I should have written, "the Price is right" ?
2008-10-23 20:06:50
87.   Bob Timmermann
Tom Glavine had the last WS CG loss, back in Game 4 of the 1992 Series.

Tim Hudson was the last pitcher to lose a CG in the postseason. He did it in 2000 for Oakland against New York in Game 3 of the ALDS.

2008-10-23 20:08:00
88.   Gen3Blue
Hmmmm. I thought he was safe at second. But they didn't show it again, so maybe I missed it.
2008-10-23 20:09:47
89.   Bob Timmermann
Upton two GIDPs away from the WS record. Irv Noren had 5 for the Yankees in 1955.
2008-10-23 20:09:55
90.   El Lay Dave
87 Didn't seem like I could make B-R PI find that for me, but it would show me the last WS CI.
2008-10-23 20:11:06
91.   Bob Timmermann
I goofed last night about Upton's GIDPs in one game tying a record. The record in one WS game is three.

And it's by Willie Mays.

Game 4 of the 1951 Series.

2008-10-23 20:15:03
92.   Bob Timmermann
Eric Bruntlett channeling Jim Mason there.
2008-10-23 20:15:47
93.   Gen3Blue
Any pitcher would be glad to get those two strikes at the end of the last K.
2008-10-23 20:17:40
94.   Bob Timmermann
First pinch hit homer in the World Series since ...

Last year, Game 4 by Bobby Kielty of Boston.

First ever pinch hit homer by a Phillie in the World Series.

2008-10-23 20:18:38
95.   Gen3Blue
How did the Giants get into that darn '51 series, anyway?
2008-10-23 20:19:48
96.   Bob Timmermann
Bruntlett's homer was the first by an NL pinch hitter in the World Series since Bill Bathe in 1989 for the Giants.
2008-10-23 20:21:22
97.   Bob Timmermann
All three of Mays' GIDPs in Game 4 of the 1951 Series came immediately after Bobby Thomson reached base.
2008-10-23 20:24:38
98.   Gen3Blue
2008-10-23 20:24:38
99.   Bob Timmermann
NL players have hit 8 pinch homers in the World Series:
George Shuba, 1953
Dusty Rhodes, 1954
Chuck Essegian, 1959 (2)
Jay Johnstone, 1981
Some guy in 1988
Bill Bathe, 1989
Eric Bruntlett, 2008
2008-10-23 20:24:57
100.   Eric Stephen
I think you missed the joke there, Eric

It wasn't the first time, and it certainly won't be the last! :)

Show/Hide Comments 101-150
2008-10-23 20:26:43
101.   Eric Stephen
I don't have anyone with as cool a name as Max Julius in my iPhone contacts.
2008-10-23 20:29:04
102.   fanerman
Joe Buck says this isn't a save opportunity. Why isn't it?
2008-10-23 20:30:59
103.   Eric Stephen
4-0 when Price entered the game.
2008-10-23 20:31:06
104.   bhsportsguy
102 Its not for Price since he came in with a 4 run lead.
2008-10-23 20:32:08
105.   Bob Timmermann
In other words, Bruntlett was the first NL player not on the Dodgers or Giants to hit a pinch homer.

There haven't been all that many in the World Series.

The AL list is:
Yogi Berra, 1947
Johnny Mize, 1952
Hank Majeski, 1954
Bob Cerv, 1955
Elston Howard, 1960
John Blanchard, 1961
Bernie Carbo, 1975 (2)
Chili Davis, 1991
Ed Sprague, 1992
Jason Giambi, 2003

2008-10-23 20:32:44
106.   Bob Timmermann
And Bobby Kielty in 2007 as the Beaver.
2008-10-23 20:33:29
107.   Eric Stephen
For the record, Rollins should be at first because the ball hit his uniform, but I also think the rule should be changed so that a "uniform only" plunking isn't a HBP.
2008-10-23 20:33:36
108.   El Lay Dave
103 and the tying run wasn't on deck (in the hole isn't enough).
2008-10-23 20:34:08
109.   Bob Timmermann
I would hate being the umpire trying to enforce that.
2008-10-23 20:34:15
110.   Gagne55
It was called an error, preserving the Rays perfect pitching with runners in scoring position.
2008-10-23 20:35:17
111.   El Lay Dave
Well, here's a little drama.
2008-10-23 20:35:31
112.   bhsportsguy
I don't mean to quibble on the griddle but is it possible that the Rays have someone else to get two outs?
2008-10-23 20:36:30
113.   Bob Timmermann
Maddon is conventionally unconventional.
2008-10-23 20:37:02
114.   Eric Stephen
Yeah, it's not really a feasible idea.
2008-10-23 20:37:34
115.   68elcamino427
Dodger Rays Win!

Oh Yeah!

Ryan Howard's pretty ridiculous on defense btw

2008-10-23 20:38:07
116.   El Lay Dave
Utley and Howard vs. Price, 0-3, 1 BB.
2008-10-23 20:39:11
117.   Eric Stephen
I hope Game 3 is decided by the 5th inning or so, so I can change over to the USC-Arizona game seamlessly.
2008-10-23 20:39:13
118.   Bob Timmermann
The Phillies got an infield hit with a runner in scoring position tonight, but it didn't drive in a run.
2008-10-23 20:39:46
119.   Bob Timmermann
Ken Rosenthal is, without a doubt, very short.
2008-10-23 20:40:08
120.   Gen3Blue
102 Wasn't he a friend of Ratso Rizzo's?
2008-10-23 20:40:10
121.   Xeifrank
Rays back to a 60% chance of winning the W.S. Big win tonight! I bet the Phillie fans think that David Stearn has the series fixed to go 7 games after a few of the calls tonight that went against them. Especially after that ref scandal and all...

vr, Xei

2008-10-23 20:41:07
122.   68elcamino427
Tim Mcccccc Carver - The Anti-Scully.
Is there any subject that this man feels that he is not the final authority on?
2008-10-23 20:44:31
123.   68elcamino427
Little man syndrome. Ken the Anti-Bob.
2008-10-23 20:47:36
124.   Eric Stephen
Under The Plashcke Plan®, there would be no off day tomorrow!
2008-10-23 20:55:44
125.   Bob Timmermann
And we'd all be living it up during our one-week stay in Toronto, where the World Series would be played in climate controlled comfort.
2008-10-23 21:30:39
126.   El Lay Dave
I didn't read that column, but it seems that Plaschke proposes plans primarily to make life easier for reporters. Tony Jackson would insist on venues with an overabundance of elevators.

Comment status: comments have been closed. Baseball Toaster is now out of business.