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RISPy business
2008-10-23 23:09
by Bob Timmermann

From the tail end of the AP story of Game 2 of the World Series:


Philadelphia's 0-for-19 skid with runners in scoring position was the second-longest drought to start a World Series since the 1966 Los Angeles Dodgers finished 0-for-22 against Baltimore, according to the Elias Sports Bureau.

As it turned out the Dodgers streak without getting a hit with a runner in scoring position in the World Series lasted quite a while.


In the fourth inning of Game 7 of the 1965 World Series, Wes Parker singled home Ron Fairly with the second and final run of the game. The Dodgers won the game 2-0, but still had several more scoring chances and failed to get a hit in seven at bats with runners in scoring position.

Then came the 1966 World Series, when the Dodgers set the bar for offensive ineptitude by failing to get any hits at all in the Orioles sweep. The Dodgers scored two runs in Game 1, one on a solo home run by Jim Lefebvre and the other on a bases loaded walk by Jim Gilliam.

The Dodgers wouldn't return to the World Series until 1974. In Game 1, the Dodgers lost to Oakland, 3-2. Despite picking up 11 hits, the Dodgers were a combined 0 for 9 with RISP. The Dodgers first run scored on an error and the second came on a solo home run by Jim Wynn.

L.A.'s streak had now reached 0 for 38 with RISP in World Series play for Game 2. In the second inning, the Dodgers had runners on first and third with one out for Steve Yeager. And behold! A single to center to score a run.

In last year's World Series, the Red Sox were 20 18 for 43 with RISP against Colorado.

2008-10-24 08:05:13
1.   Eric Stephen
If I remember correctly, the Dodgers had a stretch this season (right around the Detroit series) where they went 43 PA without plating a run with RISP. I think they were 2 for 38 with 5 walks, but both hits failed to score the run.
2008-10-24 08:23:05
2.   Eric Stephen
I stand corrected. The stretch was in late August (during the 8-game losing streak). The Dodgers were 2 for 38 with 4 walks, and both hits failed to plate a run, but Kemp did have an RBI groundout.
2008-10-24 11:29:46
3.   scareduck
I was born shortly before the 1963 World Series, the only Dodgers' postseason sweep in their history. I take the credit for it. My sister was born shortly before the 1966 World Series. I blame her.
2008-10-24 12:08:45
4.   Gagne55
"the only Dodgers' postseason sweep in their history"

Did the 2008 NLDS never happen?

2008-10-24 14:49:28
5.   scareduck
4 - sorry, World Series.

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