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At least Bud Selig didn't have to do this...
2008-10-26 09:56
by Bob Timmermann

My brother passes along this press release from the NHL:

                       GAME AT TD BANKNORTH GARDEN
     TORONTO/BOSTON (October 25, 2008) - The Boston Bruins and National Hockey League announced a change in game format for their game tonight against the Atlanta Thrashers at TD Banknorth Garden.
     The  third  period  in  tonight's game will be split, with the team's switching  ends  at  the first stoppage in play after the 10-minute mark of the  period.   The  Bruins and Thrashers will begin the third period in the same  ends  that  they  finished  the  second  period.  Following the first stoppage  after  the  10-minute  mark  of  the third period, the teams will switch ends, and the face-off will take place on the opposite side of where play ended.
     The  change  in  format is occurring due to incorrect markings on the West  End (visitors bench side) of the TD Banknorth Garden ice. In the West End,  the  two  face-off  dots  are  24 feet from the goal line - four feet longer  than  NHL  specifications.   The corresponding face-off circles are also four feet further away from the goal line.
     The  ice  sheet  will  be  replaced  prior to the Bruins next game on Saturday, Nov. 1.

This never would have happened if all NHL games were played at neutral sites.

2008-10-26 10:43:25
1.   D4P
All NHL games should be played in Hawaii.
2008-10-26 10:51:39
2.   dianagramr

outdoors .... in the daytime ...

2008-10-26 11:59:30
3.   Johnny Nucleo
Wow. Just, wow.
2008-10-26 12:07:53
4.   bobsbrother
Give MLB credit for being able to measure 90 feet between bases.
2008-10-26 12:42:17
5.   El Lay Dave
4 Yes, but isn't the 6" part of 60'6" due to an error in layout; the intent was 60'?

This would be a national embarrassment for the NHL, if only they actually enjoyed national television coverage. (Do they now?)

2008-10-26 13:34:12
6.   DXMachina
Great googly moogly! This is like a Snickers commercial gone terribly wrong.
2008-10-26 15:49:54
7.   Chiron Brown
You know, just because there's a dot doesn't mean you have to have the face-off there. Why don't they just ignore the markings and have the face-offs where they're supposed to be?

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