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Great moments in bad World Series weather, part two
2008-10-28 18:09
by Bob Timmermann

The 1909 World Series between the Pirates and Tigers was another World Series beset by cold temperatures. The series was set up so the Pirates would host Games 1 and 2, then it moved to Detroit for Games 3 and 4, then to Pittsburgh for Game 5, and then back to Detroit for Games 6 and 7.

Game 4 of the 1909 Series was played in Detroit on October 12 and the gametime temperature was 34 degrees. The Tigers won the game 5-0 and the Pirates committed six errors. The Retrosheet box score also notes that this was the first World Series game to have four umpires. The "first base" and "third base" umpires actually served more like the left field and right field umpires of today as they weren't supposed to make calls on the bases. (The Retrosheet box score actually uses LF and RF as their designation.)


Alan Schwarz of the New York Times had an interesting piece about the poor weather in the 1911, 1960, and 1975 World Series.


Game 4 of the 1968 World Series was played in poor weather in Detroit (note to self: don't visit Detroit in October). There was rain off and on throughout the game and it was delayed for 74 minutes in the top of the third.

After the delay, with more rain falling, both teams were accused of either trying to speed up the game (the Cardinals) or delay it (the Tigers) in order to make the game official or unofficial.

News reports of the game had home plate umpire Bill Kinnamon stating that he told both Cardinals manager Red Schoendienst and Tigers manager Mayo Smith that no delaying or speed up tactics would be allowed.

There were two plays that were questionable. In the top of the fourth, with the Cardinals ahead 6-0, Detroit first baseman Norm Cash ambled over to pitcher Daryl Patterson to "discuss strategy." Cash admitted after the game that he was stalling. In the top of the fifth, Cardinals second baseman Julian Javier was picked off first to end the inning.

The Cardinals won the game 10-1 to take a 3-1 lead in the series. And the Cardinals then lost three straight to Detroit.


2008-10-29 08:42:24
1.   das411
We were planning a visit to Detroit in August a few years ago, and were actaully on a ferry across Lake Michigan figuring out which routes to take...when the Great Blackout of '03 hit.

So I still have never been to Detroit.

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