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Seibu wins 13th Japan Series crown with 8th inning comeback
2008-11-09 04:37
by Bob Timmermann

Hiroshi Hirao's two-out single to center scored Tayeka Nakamura with what proved to be the winning run as the Pacific League champion Seibu Lions rallied with two runs in the top of the 8th to beat the Central League champion Yomiuri Giants, 3-2, in Game 7 of the Japan Series.

And here is a link to the game story from the Kyodo News.

Five Seibu pitchers held the Giants to just two hits for the game. Fumiya Nishiguchi started and gave up both runs in two innings, and then Kaz Ishii, Hideaki Wakui, Tomoki Hoshino, and Alex Graman shut down Yomiuri the rest of the way. Hoshino got the win and Graman picked up the save. Daisuke Ochi was the losing pitcher.

2008-11-09 15:14:38
1.   Gagne55
I remember Ishii with the Dodgers. I also remember Graman with the Yankees.
2008-11-09 18:44:40
2.   Will Carroll
Hmm. Wasn't Seibu on the edge of collapse a couple years back when they sold Matsuzaka? Is there any way to say that sale helped the franchise "reload?"
2008-11-09 23:09:47
3.   Bob Timmermann
Seibu has deeper pockets than other Pacific League teams, but I think that the overall talent level of Japan has declined so it's easier to "reload."
2008-11-10 08:29:33
4.   fracule
Also, another former Dodger, Hiram Bocachica (that's right, I said Bocachica) homered in Seibu's first run of the game.

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