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Personal favorites that I wrote
William Zantzinger, 1939-2009
2009-01-09 23:52
by Bob Timmermann
2009-01-10 00:10:28
1.   Eric Stephen
Definitely in my top 10 favorite Dylan songs ever.

Although I'm not sure if now is the time for our tears.

2009-01-10 11:42:58
4.   Linkmeister
Did you delete some nasty comments, Bob? The counter shows three, but only Eric's shows up.

I don't have that album; I'll have to find it somewhere.

2009-01-10 11:48:30
5.   Bob Timmermann
I was just trying to be nice and delete comments that were inadvertantly duplicated.
2009-01-10 14:14:07
6.   Eric Stephen
5 (or is it 3 )
Much appreciated, Bob.

Also, I now have street cred thanks to those deleted posts.

2009-01-10 14:17:54
7.   Linkmeister
Eric, you didn't need that to have street cred.

Bob, I was just wondering if there was a Toaster problem. You've cleared that up nicely.

2009-01-11 11:13:59
8.   scareduck
I'm not sure I could identify ten Dylan songs I really liked. "The Hurricane" is a great song, but it's also factually untrue in key parts, which is sad because it shows Dylan is perfectly willing to fudge to get a good story where none exists. Not that this is necessarily the case here ... a rich SOB hitting a bartender with a cane looks like an open-and-shut case, but without learning anything more (i.e. was the cause of her death a direct result of the caning, which seems somewhat likely) it's hard to know whether Zantzinger got off lightly or not.

As a coda to this, while we were in Arkansas, I was rummaging around in some of my in-laws' old scrapbooks, and one of the things I found was a 1949 traffic ticket in which my father-in-law was involved in a fatality as a very young man (still in his late teens). The victim was an older black man, a preacher; reportedly drunk at the time, early one morning (the ticket had a time of 7:00 AM or so) he walked out into street, into the side of my father-in-law's car, and was killed. The newspaper clippings read, "Negro killed in traffic accident" and the like, as though the victim's race were relevant to the story. Both my wife and I were wondering whether any of the facts of that case were fudged to make it go away.

2009-01-11 11:15:32
9.   scareduck
8 - and yes, it was ruled an accidental death, and the charges against my father-in-law were dropped.

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