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Preview Week: National League Awards
2005-03-31 05:42
by Alex Ciepley

Previewing the hardware for the Senior Circuit.


Alex B:   Miguel Cabrera
Alex C: Albert Pujols
Cliff: Albert Pujols
Derek: Albert Pujols
Jon: Miguel Cabrera
Ken: Albert Pujols
Mike: Albert Pujols
Scott: Albert Pujols
Will: Albert Pujols

author notes

Jon: I was a skeptic about Cabrera last year--I'll let myself be converted. It's a close call, though, over Carlos Beltran and a hobbling Albert Pujols.

Derek: With the knee injury to Barry Bonds, the passing of the torch that's been in the offing for a couple years should finally occur. Pujols will be the default answer to this question for the next ten years or so.

Scott: It's Pujols' award, if he stays healthy.

Alex C: Oh how I wish he'd just go away.


Alex B:   Ben Sheets
Alex C: Ben Sheets
Cliff: Ben Sheets
Derek: Jake Peavy
Jon: Pedro Martinez
Ken: Jason Schmidt
Mike: Jake Peavy
Scott: Pedro Martinez
Will: Mark Prior

author notes

Scott: I think Pedro becomes the biggest story in New York as the Mets exceed expectations.

Jon: I like Pedro coming over to the NL, pitching six strong innings and allowing one run while striking out seven before leaving for a pinch-hitter. Every game.

Mike: Peavy was ungodly last year (ERA, K/9 IP, etc.), should be on a pretty good team, and will only be 24. He gets the nod over Sheets.

Derek: The kid can flat out pitch. He has yet to throw 200 innings in a season, but I'm betting this is the year, and if that happens look for 20+ wins and a shot at the ERA title.


Alex B:   J.D. Closser
Alex C: Jason Dubois
Cliff: J.D. Closser
Derek: Andy Marte
Jon: J.D. Closser
Ken: Chris Burke
Mike: Chris Burke
Scott: Garrett Atkins
Will: none of the above? Gavin Floyd, by default

author notes

Derek: He might not start the year in The Show, but I have to believe Marte will finish there, and be knocking the cover off the ball while he's at it.

J.J. Hardy could win it also, especially since he's likely to be playing the whole year, but I think 250-300 AB of Andy would trump a full season of J.J.

Jon: Those skeptical of Closser's Coors-inflated stats will cut him some slack for playing catcher. I'm interested in Carlos Quentin making a late run, though.

Cliff: I'd prefer to pick Jeff Francis, but when given a choice between a Rockies pitcher and a Rockies hitter, you choose the hitter, particularly when he plays a valuable defensive position for a team that will likely exceed expectations (not that they have any expectations).

Alex C: In a huge upset, Dubois gets 450 ABs and slugs 25 homers.

Will: Floyd's the most apparent guy, though I can see someone pulling a Podsednik (an older guy having a career year) and sneaking in over the 'prospect' type ROY. Problem is, those are longshot bets, and I don't see one out there.

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