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Red Sox going for multiple GMs
2005-12-11 08:31
by Bob Timmermann

The Boston Red Sox, a team which is woefully short of news coverage in all forms of media, may be opting to use a multi-headed general manager's office. This would allow Boston fans multiple opportunities to complain about the Red Sox front office, picking a choose different people target their wrath at. Local papers are dubbing the group "The Four Horsemen", although it is unclear whether this refers to the Apocalypse or the fact that Craig Shipley resembles Harry Stuhldreher.

And updating this some member of the Four Horsemen, I'm guessing it was Pestilence, has contacted Roger Clemens about coming back to Boston.

2005-12-11 09:38:53
1.   Berkeley Doug
I suspect this will go the way of the multiple closers from a couple of years ago.
2005-12-12 11:22:48
2.   Linkmeister
Or the Cubs' rotating managers (did they all it the College of Coaches?) from the Sixties.

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