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Red alert!
2005-12-12 07:33
by Bob Timmermann

Congress now actually concerns itself with something regarding baseball that at least makes some sense. Well, more than investigating the BCS or Terrell Owens. It doesn't take a lot to beat those two.

Some members of Congress have asked Bud Selig to look into Cuba's participation in the WBC.

The article states that According to tournament rules published on Major League Baseball's Web site, a player may represent a country of which he is a citizen; of which he is a permanent legal resident; in which he was born; of which one parent is or was a citizen, or in which one parent was born.

I have my doubts that Livan Hernandez or Orlando Hernandez are going to be suiting up for Cuba. Negotiations over Rafael Palmeiro made lead to another international incident. But at least Palmeiro can remember the Maine.

2005-12-12 08:43:19
Sorry if this is political, but the topic is politricks.

Can someone explain to me Mr. Diaz-Balart's perspecive? How does he see excluding Cuba from a baseball tournament as a good thing for his former countrymen.

I do not beleive that the money Cuba gains from this tournament will fund terrorism nor do I believe that a baseball tournament further inspires Fidel to torture his people.

2005-12-12 09:06:06
2.   Eric Enders
I was wondering when (not if) this was going to become an issue. It would be cool if they could all play on the same Cuba team, but the defectors and the Cuban-American community would never agree to that -- and Castro might not either.
2005-12-12 09:07:31
3.   Eric Enders
Cuba as a state sponsor of terrorism is, frankly, a purely political and fairly laughable designation. It has little basis in reality.
2005-12-12 09:18:11
4.   Bob Timmermann
Since Castro has said that for every player that defects there are 10 better players to replace him, I don't think the defectors would be too welcome.

However, I believe that Rey Ordonez is available.

2005-12-12 16:16:00
5.   FirstMohican
Castro is against defections, but says that constant defections can cause the Cuban team to perpetually grow in talent. A starting rotation of 10 Jose Contreras 2.0's would be awesome. Or... 100 Jose Contreras 3.0s. Wow. Socialism really doesn't maximize potential, does it?
2005-12-12 16:25:20
6.   grandcosmo
5. Wishful thinking. Thats the thought process behind which the Communists have been running their economies since 1917.
2005-12-12 16:40:14
7.   FirstMohican
Your blog moniker doesn't fool me, Richard Pearle.

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