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And now to wait for Ken and Jon to debate
2005-12-13 14:12
by Bob Timmermann
2005-12-13 14:22:34
1.   Zak
Great, another top prospect! And one let go by Billy Beane, at that. Why not just get a "top" pitcher that the Braves let go? This top prospect better be better than Franklin Gutierrez and close to ML ready. Can't wait to see who it is.

And what happened to Zito for Bradley + someone else?? Dodgers add another hole to their line-up with this move.

2005-12-13 14:23:06
2.   Ken Arneson
Uh oh. Which top minor league prospect is it?
2005-12-13 14:26:05
3.   Bob Timmermann
It's like the end of "Raiders of the Lost Ark" and Indiana Jones is asking the guys in the government who is examing the Ark of the Covenant?

The guy says "Our top men."
Indy "But who are they?"
"I assure you, top."

2005-12-13 14:29:42
4.   Zak
Don't know yet. Just a bit down, coz I liked Bradley and, for right or wrong, was hoping he'd get another chance. Not surprised though and can't say that Bradley didn't help shovel the dirt on himself here.
2005-12-13 14:31:58
5.   Zak
3. That is funny. Great reference. The question is, is Ken's source from Oakland or LA? In other words, is it a "top" prospect per Beane, or per Colletti?
2005-12-13 14:32:03
6.   For The Turnstiles
The rumors on Athletics Nation are Bradley and Antonio Perez for Andre Ethier and a big red "R" sign or something like that.
2005-12-13 14:34:06
7.   Ken Arneson
I heard the same thing (Bradley/Perez for Ethier) from another source.
2005-12-13 14:38:37
8.   underdog
As a Dodgers fan I'm hoping it's Ethier. But adding Perez seems like a bit more uneven. Unless the A's throw in someone else, too. Don't they have "too much" pitching? We'll take one of your relievers, too. ;-)
2005-12-13 14:59:33
9.   Sam DC
Well, this deal has certainly created a straight-out-of-the-gate challenge to the New Toaster. I think there are three threads going on this right now (Jon's got two), and we'd probably have four if Ken didn't have such a moving piece up at Catfish Stew that no one wants to defile.

Anyhow, good thing the Dodgers got rid of that radical DePodesta who was just blowing things up right and left. No substitute for the stability that a good baseball guy'll bring you.

2005-12-13 16:37:43
10.   Ken Arneson
Yeah, it was the first big traffic spike with the new ISP, so it took me a while to tweak the web server configuration to handle it properly. Hopefully, I got it right, and the site behaves from now on.
2005-12-13 17:10:11
11.   Bob Timmermann
I just posted this thread to provide neutral territory, but I think the specifics are better handled in their own spheres (Dodger Thoughts and Catfish Stew).
2005-12-13 17:37:44
12.   Humma Kavula
6 The A's gave up the big red R sign? That completely changes the perspective of the deal!

What a steal for the DodgeRs!

2005-12-13 18:08:37
13.   Ken Arneson
The big red R sign wasn't the A's to give up.

Now perhaps they discussed a three-way deal that would involve the R sign going to the DodgeRs, but I can think of any number of reasons why that that sort of deal would be unlikely.

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