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To tender or not to tender that is the question
2005-12-17 09:37
by Bob Timmermann

Jim Molony of speculates on the people who will likely not be getting a contract offer on Tuesday.

The Brewers (Russell Branyan and Dan Kolb), Dodgers (Jason Phillips and Hee-Seop Choi), and Mariners (Ryan Frankin, Gil Meche, and Willie Bloomquist) seem to be the teams who are primed to let go of players in bulk.

2005-12-17 10:26:55
1.   Sam DC
Good thinking putting that Choi bit over here lest someone throw something at you at the other place.
2005-12-17 10:42:18
2.   Bob Timmermann
The right to free speech does not extend to someone yelling "Choi" at a well-visited baseball blog.
2005-12-18 03:09:33
3.   Suffering Bruin
Choi was mentioned in the Times as someone the Dodgers are looking to replace (like you, Bob, I told the Times enough is enough) and now this from Maloney.

A platoon of Saenz/Choi would produce as much as Garciappara for far less money but I guess I'm not figuring in the saavy factor.

I'm President and CEO of HSC's unofficial fan club but one has to wonder if people behind the scenes and in the know are aware of something that we are not. This is three teams that have looked in the face of pretty good production and said, "We'll pass." By all accounts, HSC is a helluva guy with a great attitude but it's not just Jim Tracy who thinks he can't play.

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