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Padres and Rangers continue player exchange program
2005-12-20 12:14
by Bob Timmermann

Since this is a deal of relative import, it gets its own link.

The Padres and Rangers have pulled off a 6-player trade according to's Jerry Crasnick.

Terrmel Sledge, who graduated from one of America's ugliest high schools (as did I), has now moved from playing in one of worst hitters parks in the majors (RFK), to theoretically playing in one of the best (Ameriquest), to again playing in one of the worst for hitters (PETCO).

When Akinori Otsuka played in Japan, his uniform read "Ohtsuka". Since Otsuka will be pitching for Japan in the WBC, I'm curious as to how his uniform will read there.

Chris Young, who stands 6'10", will provide the Padres with a presence in the low post.

Adam Eaton wasn't even given one of the three starts in the playoffs for the Padres.

2005-12-20 17:40:55
1.   Jason Wojciechowski
Young'll provide more than that: he'll be a better starter than Adam Eaton this year (as he was last year and the year before that).
2005-12-20 21:06:09
2.   Jeromy
Perhaps Choi can take him to the rim and dunk on him. Power on power!

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