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Since I won't be around, news can't happen
2005-12-22 08:57
by Bob Timmermann

Since I will be away from a computer until Boxing Day for the most part, there obviously won't be any baseball news of any importance will there? Reggie Sanders could join the Royals, Brett Tomko could join the Dodgers, middle relievers will switch teams at a pace so furious you would think they were being dealt by people at the Chicago Board of Trade.

Like most people, I will be spending my December 25 going to church and celebrating the birth of Ned Garver.

2005-12-22 04:39:05
1.   Sam DC
Merry Christmas and a Happy 2006 Bob. Hope you're enjoying the new e-digs.
2005-12-22 05:04:40
2.   Sam DC
Er, I mean, Merry Garvermas.
2005-12-22 07:15:50
3.   Cliff Corcoran
I think "like most people" might be overstating your case some, at least with regard to the church thing. Ned Garver, on the other hand, is more of a cross-cultural phenomenon.
2005-12-22 08:05:19
4.   Bob Timmermann
I am the Lord, thy Garver. Thou shalt not have false Garvers before me!
2005-12-22 09:17:26
5.   slackfarmer
Looks like the Padres hitters just got a Christmas present -- they are moving in some of the distant OF walls in the litter box.
2005-12-22 09:55:59
6.   JMK
According to the Cube, in his 14 year career Ned Garver walked as many guys as he struck out (881:881), yet his career ERA was 3.78! Looking at his HR rate he doesn't look like an extreme groundball pitcher. Could he have been the luckiest pitcher ever?
2005-12-22 11:25:33
7.   murphy
it is no question of luck, my son. ned garver is a pitcher most bless-ed.
2005-12-22 14:11:03
8.   deburns
I remember collecting St. Louis Browns player cards, on the theory that no one else would (this is c. 1950), and particularly liked Garver. It is amazing that he kept such an ERA with all those walks given that the Brownies played their home games at Sportsman's Park, which had a relatively cozy right field fence, farther out but similar to Ebbetts Field with a high fence. This is all by memory, so forgive me in the spirit of Festivus if I have some of the wrong.
2005-12-22 14:46:56
9.   Suffering Bruin
Happiest of Holidays, Bob. The wife, kid and I get to the Central Libary about twice a week. I'll have to push for a long-awaited face-to-face meeting.

Have a great holiday... and remember, the prayer is always: Our Choi, who are in Choi, hallowed be thy Choi... keep practicing and you'll get it right.

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